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Cloud Follow 354 Followers Amazon Launches a New Cloud Security Service: AWS Firewall Manager by Steef-Jan Wiggers Follow 9 Followers Posted on Apr 27, 2018

DevOps Follow 1013 Followers NGINX Releases Microservices Platform, OpenShift Ingress Controller, and Service Mesh Preview by Daniel Bryant Follow 801 Followers Posted on Sep 12, 2017

Cloud Follow 354 Followers Amazon Announces AWS Shield for DDoS Protection by Kent Weare Follow 11 Followers Posted on Dec 03, 2016

JavaScript Follow 457 Followers NGINX Release Targets Application Security by James Chesters Follow 2 Followers Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Followers ModSecurity Framework Supports Web Application Security Core Rule Set by Srini Penchikala Follow 40 Followers Posted on Sep 12, 2009 1

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Enterprise Architecture Follow 193 Followers The Mathematics of Adaptive Security by Matthew Glenn Follow 0 Followers Posted on Nov 01, 2015 Enterprise security teams are charged with maintaining the “perfect” set of security policies. In their pursuit of the perfect security policy, they are often the department of slow (because the pursuit of perfection takes time). At the same time, “to err is human…” 1