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  • What is the Web?

    Mark Nottingham, chair of the HTTP Working Group, asks the question What is the Web? As he mentions, this simple question has some complex and perhaps unexpected answers depending upon your perspective. A common approach would be to say that it has to be rooted in the Web browser, but that has some interesting consequences, not all of which are useful for non-browser stakeholders.

  • Forrester CEO: The Web is a Software Architecture and the App Internet is the Next Wave

    In his recent presentation at the Le Web 2011 conference in Paris, Forrester Research's Chairman and CEO George Colony claimed that most thinking models about the Internet and the Web are outdated. Moreover, users already seem to be saturated by the Social Network Model. According to Colony, the next real big thing will be the App Internet.

  • Movements in Mobile Web

    Last week was saw a number of significant changes in the mobile ecosystem. First, Google bought Motorola Mobility, leading to questions on whether Android would continue to be developed in an open manner, and then HP pulled the TouchPad at the end of last week. Where does this leave mobile devices?

  • Web 3.0 - Cult or Culture?

    In a recent article by Jonathan Strickland for HowStuffWorks the author addresses Web 3.0. This "long anticipated and disruptive new technology" is supposed to increase the possibilities of users and providers. But what exactly is the Web 3.0?

  • CoffeeScript - JavaScript the Good Parts

    As CoffeeScript 0.9.0 was just released, we asked Jeremy Ashkenas to give us some insights into the language. He intends it to be known as "Javascript as you would have liked it to be." CoffeeScript is source to source cross compiled to JavaScript and provides many interesting language cleanups and enhancements and some additional features.

  • Benefits Of Running Enterprise SOA Initiatives Like A Startup

    Dion Hinchcliffe provides a detailed look at how we might run service orientated initiatives to maximize value of IT assets. He contrasts the state of Enterprise SOA initiatives to open API’s to public services available on the web; especially startups; in terms of adoption, time to market and overall return on investment and how to adopt some of that knowledge in Enterprise SOA.

  • Real Time Web And Cloud Management Standards

    William Vambenepe comments on the absence of “real time” features in existing cloud management solutions and proposes the desirable properties that define such solutions. Dare Obasanjo examines implementations of the real time web available today and provides a detailed explanation of the technologies such services use. Is the real time web a grassroots solution to cloud management standards?

  • Presentation: Gluing together the Web via the Facebook Platform

    Facebook offers an open standards platform for creating social network applications. Josh Elman discusses the concept of social networking and how the Facebook platform addresses issues of identity, of social graphing, and sharing (via its Open Stream API). His presentation explored the nature of a social graph and the "virtuous cylcle of sharing."

  • REST is a style -- WOA is the architecture.

    Dion Hinchcliffe discusses Web Architecture and the relationship of REST practices and principles in the construction of a Web Oriented Architecture (WOA). The relationship between WOA and SOA is also explored.

  • Gizmox Releases Visual WebGui 6.4 Preview Version

    Gizmox announces the release of a free preview version of its Visual WebGui, version 6.4, product. VWG promises a point-and-click tool for RIA development (DHTML or Silverlight) that requires no HTML, CSS, or XAML coding; and that can be integrated with Photoshop, Expression Blend, and Flash CS.

  • Applying SOA Lessons to Web 2.0 Implementations

    In their new article, two experienced SOA architects present five SOA best practices that can help to achieve success in adopting Ajax, REST, and other Web 2.0 technologies.

  • Zoho Applications Can Be Deployed on Google App Engine

    Zoho has announced that its applications can be deployed on Google App Engine (GAE). Zoho offers a suite of online applications, most of them free for personal usage, and Creator, an online application creator.

  • Why has the Web become the Default Development Platform?

    Joe Walker, creator of Direct Web Remoting (DWR) , has been summing up the reasons that as he thinks have lead the Web to become the default development platform over the last years. Easy of deployment, simple UI programming, simplicity of HTML and Openness made the Web become the most scalable system today.

  • More on Granite Data Service's with Project Founder Franck Wolff

    Earlier this year, InfoQ discussed Granite Data Services (GDS) with project founder Franck Wolff. In this post, we follow-up with Wolff to learn more about the recent 1.1 release of GDS.

  • Adobe Releases Flash 10

    The latest update to the Flash Player from Adobe Systems has been released for general availability. To take full advantage of many of the new features, developers will have to wait for the release of Flex 4 sometime next year. However, Flash 10 does bring four main improvements that should interest developers: Pixel Bender, 3D Effects, Advanced Text Layout, and changes to File Reference API.