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  • 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

    The 97 Things series continues, after the architect and the project manager, with things every programmer should know. InfoQ talked to its editor Kevlin Henney.

  • The Wiki Engine from CodePlex is now Open Source

    The Wiki rendering engine from Microsoft’s open source site, CodePlex, has been itself open sourced as an API.

  • MindTouch 2009 Includes Publishing from MS Desktop Applications

    MindTouch announces the ability to publish content from any Microsoft Desktop application to its collaborative industrial wiki. New user functionality includes: one-click publishing from any MS application and in-place editing of Microsoft Office. The new functionality is delivered as, Aurelia Reporter, Desktop Connector, and MS Word and MS Outlook connectors.

  • Sun Blogs System Architecture Whitepaper

    Sun has released a whitepaper that describes the architecture used to host the Sun Blogs web application including a description of the hardware, the configuration of the server software, as well as a number of usage metrics.

  • Securing the Web with Decentralized Information Flow Control

    Max Krohn and his colleagues at MIT developed a new end-to-end security architecture to help achieving data secrecy and integrity across complex Web Applications. In this talk and a series of papers, Max presents their findings and a use case based on MoinMoin Wiki.

  • XWiki 1.0: Extensible Java-based wiki/application platform

    XWiki is an open source wiki and an application platform written in Java and released under LGPL license. Its development platform features allow creating collaborative web applications and also provide packaged applications built on top of the platform (second generation wiki). XWiki 1.0 launched last month, but there have been almost 10,000 deployments to date.

  • "Agile Practice" Patterns Wiki is Up

    At XP2006, Amr Elssamadisy announced a new wiki site for collecting Agile Practice Patterns. Well, it's up and ready to go, already loaded with patterns from ChiliPlop 2006 and XP 2006 conferences.

  • Tagging for Knowledge Management

    Some dismiss Web 2.0 as a new trend, not yet ready for prime time, but we should not lose sight of the fact that Ward Cunningham's WikiWikiWeb, an early Web 2.0 technology, has been an important tool for many Agile teams since 1995. Is "tagging" another opportunity to enhance enterprise collaboration through emergent knowledge categorization?