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  • Hybrid Working Matters to All Generations

    A number of recent surveys explore the current state of hybrid and remote working. The results reinforced the preference for hybrid working, identified the importance of finding ways to stay connected when not in-person and showed how the driving factors for work have evolved. The in-person workforce is feeling under-appreciated and many are at risk of leaving.

  • Motivating Employees and Making Work More Fun

    Progressive workplaces focus on purpose and value, having networks of teams supported by leaders with distributed decision-making. Employees get freedom and trust, and access to information through radical transparency that enables them to experiment and adapt the organization. In such workplaces, people can develop their talents and work on tasks they like to do, and have more fun.

  • Workplace Challenges & Opportunities for Software Engineering Professionals

    Skills shortages, the great resignation, remote and hybrid working, continuing impacts of COVID-19 and increasing demand on software professionals have been examined and surveyed over the last few months and have identified both challenges and opportunities for software engineering professionals at this time. Time pressure, resource limitations and increasing customer demand contribute to stress.

  • Making Workplaces More Humanistic

    Organizations are increasingly focusing on the humanization of workplaces and supporting professionals to perform better. Ways to make workplaces more humanistic are going off-script, experimenting with working hours, being vulnerable as leaders, and appreciating diversity.

  • Facebook's Vision for the Future of Work

    In a recent article, Facebook showcased various technologies it has been developing to transform the way people interact and communicate. They also have the ability to unleash a radical change in the way people work together, the company

  • The Importance of Fun in the Workplace

    Things at work that make us smile or laugh can improve team cohesion, productivity and organisational performance. Fun can’t be forced, but it can be fostered, said Holly Cummins at FlowCon France 2019, where she spoke about the importance of fun in the workplace.

  • Sitting Considered Deadly: Introduce Movement in Our Workdays

    Prolonged sitting wreaks havoc on our bodies and our minds. A first step to introduce more movement throughout your workday is to organize a sit-stand workstation, claimed Marek Stój in his talk Sitting Considered Deadly at Codemotion Amsterdam 2019. He suggested alternating between the two and trying out various ways in which one can sit or stand.

  • Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters, and How to Drive It

    Leveraging and harnessing different ideas, perspectives and experiences from a talented and capable workforce regardless of their organizational position and background drives effectiveness in organizations. Diversity and inclusion matters to reach business objectives and be seen as a social responsible organization.

  • Q&A with John Willis on Burnout in the Software Industry

    InfoQ interviewed John Willis about what made him decide to talk about burnout, the possible effects of burnout for a person, how burnouts are impacting the software development industry, leading indicators of a potential burnout and how they can be used to prevent burnouts, and suggestions for dealing with mismatches between employees and organizations that can cause a burnout.