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  • What Are The Drawbacks Of REST?

    A recent posting on a REST Architects list has prompted Ganesh Prasad to outline some problems that he sees with REST (over HTTP) in terms of more dynamic peer-to-peer environments and how they could be addressed. He suggests some lessons could be learned from Web Services and mentions an Internet Draft specification which he has been working on.

  • Web Services Test Forum Announced

    IBM, Oracle, Red Hat and others have just announced the formation of the Web Services Test Forum, a venue for continuous testing of interoperability for heterogeneous Web Services implementations as well as a flexible way for vendors and customers to define the interoperability scenarios that are important for them. But how does this relate to WS-I and why has Microsoft not signed up to it yet?

  • Don't Let Consumers and Service Providers Communicate Directly

    Ron Schmelzer of ZapThink discusses why most integration-developers aren't "doing" SOA and why this is bad for Service Oriented Architecture. He discusses the problem and illustrates some straightforward approaches to alleviate it, which don't always require significant investments in new infrastructure.

  • Interview: Paul Fremantle on the State of WS-*

    In a new InfoQ interview, Paul Fremantle, WSO2 co-founder co-chair of the OASIS committee that standardized WS-Reliable Messaging, talks to InfoQ about the state and relative importance of web services standards, the role of open source software for SOA, his views on the eternal REST debate, and WSO2's business model.

  • WS-Addressing Working Group Closes

    After over 3 years of effort in W3C, the WS-Addressing Working Group has closed down. Although there have been a few complaints about WS-A over the years, most people seem to agree it has been a good thing for WS-*.

  • W3C Workshop on Web of Services Report

    The W3C has released a report about the results of the Workshop on the Web of Services for Enterprise Computing, which was held in February.

  • Does WSDL 2.0 Matter?

    WSDL has always been one of the key components on which Web Services have been built. The WS-Addressing working group has had trouble getting enough implementations within the technical committee to ratify their own proposed work with WSDL 2.0. How important is this delay to the take-up of WSDL 2.0? Is WSDL 2.0 right for the industry anyway?

  • WS-Addressing Becomes a W3C Recommendation

    The WS-Addressing core and WS-Addressing SOAP binding specifications have reached full Recommendation status at W3C. WS-Addressing describes how to encode addressing information independently from the underlying transport protocol, enabling asynchronous communication across synchronous protocols such as HTTP.