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  • Java Enhances Z Garbage Collector with Generational Capabilities

    JEP 439, Generational ZGC, has been promoted from Targeted to Completed for JDK 21. This JEP proposes to improve application performance by extending the Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) to maintain separate generations for young and old objects. This will allow ZGC to collect young objects, which tend to die young, more frequently.

  • Java News Roundup: JEP Updates, GraalVM Code to OpenJDK, Return of JavaOne

    This week's Java roundup for October 17th, 2022, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 19, JDK 20, JavaFX 20, Generational ZGC Build 20, Oracle Labs, Liberica JDK and Native Image Kit, Spring milestone, point and release candidates, EclipseLink 4.0, Quarkus 2.13.3, Micronaut 3.7.2, Hibernate Reactive 1.1.9, JHipster Lite 0.20, Apache Commons CVE, Groovy 4.0.6 and 2.5.29 and the return of JavaOne.