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  • CenturyLink Acquires DataGardens to Offer DR as a Service

    CenturyLink, one of the largest telecommunications and cloud providers has announced the acquisition of Canada based disaster recovery software company, DataGardens.

  • Success Factors for Agile Delivery in the Federal Government

    The Guide to Critical Success Factors in Agile Delivery discusses the values, benefits and challenges of agile and proposes critical success factors for implementing an agile delivery in the federal government. InfoQ interviewed Paul Gorans about implementing agile practices, how agile impacts acquisition and procurement, scaling agile communication and the usage of reviews in agile.

  • PhoneFactor Acquisition Enhances Security of Microsoft Applications with Multi Factor Authentication

    Microsoft has recently acquired PhoneFactor, which provides multi factor authentication by making use of user's phone. According to official sources at Microsoft, this development will bring new security mechanism for Microsoft products.

  • SoapUI and LoadUI Join the SmartBear Product Portfolio

    SmartBear Software, a prominent ALM and monitoring tool vendor acquired Eviware, creators of popular open source web services testing tools soapui and loadui, last week.

  • The Future of Terracotta after Its Acquisition by Software AG

    Software AG, one of the leaders in the SOA and BPM market acquired San Francisco based Terracotta that is behind prominent open source products such as EhCache, Big Memory and Quartz. Terracotta products fill in the application performance and scalability needs for cloud based offerings from Software AG. In this article, InfoQ talks to Ari Zilka regarding the future of this acquisition.

  • Verizon Expands Cloud Computing Portfolio with Terremark Acquisition

    Verizon Communications Inc. acquires Terremark Worldwide Inc., an operator of data centers, for $1.4bn in a move to boost its cloud strategy. Does this move change the market dynamics in the Cloud IaaS space? Opinions range from highly optimistic to pessimistic and everything in between.

  • Interview: Rod Johnson Discusses Spring, OSGi, Tomcat and the Future of Enterprise Java

    Rod Johnson discusses the Spring Portfolio, the Oracle/BEA and Sun/MySQL acquisitions, Java EE 6, Tomcat and Spring, Spring Dynamic Modules, the future of enterprise Java, the benefits of OSGi for application developers, the Covalent acquisition and Spring 3.0. Johnson also alludes to the SpringSource Application Platform, which was announced a month after this interview was filmed.

  • SpringSource Announces Acquisition by Microsoft

    In a surprise announcement, SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson announced that SpringSource has agreed to be acquired by Microsoft. InfoQ interviewed Johnson to learn more about this acquisition and what it will mean for the future of both Spring and the .Net Framework.

  • Sun purchases MySQL: Perspectives and Analysis on the Impact

    In a move which caught many off guard, Sun Microsystems announced that it would be acquiring MySQL AB, the company which owns and develops the MySQL database, for $1 Billion USD. InfoQ analyzed the announcement and reactions and spoke with Kevin Harvey, Chairman of the MySQL board of directors, to learn more about this deal and what it may mean for the future.

  • Buzzword – RIA Word Processor: Built Using Adobe Flex / AIR

    Adobe recently acquired Virtual Ubiquity, the creators of Buzzword - a web based word processor. connected with David Coletta and Tad Staley of Adobe Systems to learn more about the product, the challenges and benefits of using Adobe Flex for its development, and what the future holds for the product.

  • Case study: A new approach to integrating architectures post-merger at Lawson

    The merger of Lawson and Intentia in 2006 left developers with an important problem to solve - the integration and presentation of legacy applications and business services that are constructed in Java, .NET, and other technologies. This case study looks under the hood at the new architecture at Lawson and how they got there.

  • BEA Acquires IT Governance Vendor Flashline

    Breaking News. BEA acquires Flashline, a Web Services and SOA governance asset repository company. The metadata repository is often cited as a critical component of SOA, providing a shared location to manage metadata, govern the asset lifecycle, and measure results.

  • IBM Buys Internet Security Systems

    Continuing the acquisition rampage, IBM acquires Internet Security Systems for 1.3 Billion in cash. In the past weeks, IBM has acquired Webify, Filenet and MRO systems. What does this acquisiton rampage suggest?

  • webMethods buys into SOA Semantics

    SOA integration and interoperability requires a structured understanding of the semantics of data. webMethods has acquired a semantic technologies company called Cerebra to connect SOA and BPM components.

  • IBM Buys Insurance Focused Webify

    Big Blue snaps up Insurance focused SOA vendor Webify. Both IBM and Webify were at the center of a significant SOA outsourcing project with Fireman's Fund Insurance. Terms were not disclosed.