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  • Pomodoro - An Agile Approach to Time Management

    A personal time management approach known as "The Pomodoro Technique" is becoming quite popular with agile practitioners. Pomodoro includes a number of practices similar to those used by an agile team: time-boxing, frequent opportunities to inspect-and-adapt, estimation, a preference for low-tech tools, and an emphasis on maintaining a sustainable pace.

  • Functional Test Tools Workshop

    A group of people interested in improving the state of the art in Automated Functional Test Tools gathered for an annual workshop the Sunday before Agile 2009. Among the topics covered: Lightening Talk demos of various tools, Porting Cucumber to .NET, Documenting existing functional test tool capabilities in a spreadsheet and the limits of Capture/Playback tools.

  • PMI Launches Agile Community of Practice at Agile2009

    The Project Management Institute (PMI) officially launched their Agile Community of Practice at the Agile2009 conference. The group's stated mission is: "To equip PMI Members with Agile skills and knowledge" Mike Griffiths has been credited with getting things moving when he issued a challenge at Agile 2007 that PMI form an Agile Specific Interest Group.

  • Top Ten Tips for An Agile Coach

    Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley, co-authors of the book Agile Coaching, gave a fun session “Top Ten Tips for Agile Coaches”. The session could well have been called “Top Ten Things that Many Agile Coaches get Wrong”.

  • Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

    On Monday at the first day of Agile 2009 Liz Keogh ran a workshop and Effective Feedback.

  • Agile 2009 Coverage

    Several InfoQ editors will be attending the Agile conference this week and reporting on the sessions. Stay tuned to InfoQ to read the latest about the happenings at the conference and get reports about the most interesting and provoking sessions.

  • Agile 2009 Program Announced

    The Agile Alliance's Agile2009 conference program has been announced, again organized by theme, not job description. It will be held this year in Chicago from Aug. 24-28. New: Coaching, Manifesting Agility. Back again: Open Jam, Programming w. the Stars, Live Aid, Muzic Masti, AAFTT (Testing) Workshop. Immediately followed this year the PLoP conference, also in Chicago.