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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Dev Summit Boston & Munich: Actionable Insights on Generative AI, Security, Modern Web Apps

InfoQ Dev Summit Boston & Munich: Actionable Insights on Generative AI, Security, Modern Web Apps

Sharpen your dev skills and stay ahead of the curve with the InfoQ Dev Summit Boston (June 24-25), and InfoQ Dev Summit Munich (September 26-27). Learn the emerging trends, explore the use cases, and implement the best practices directly from leading senior software practitioners.

Due to popular demand, we’re extending the early bird dates for InfoQ Dev Summit Boston and Munich by one week for InfoQ Readers. Save $100 for InfoQ Dev Summit Boston with promo code LIMITEDOFFERIDSBOSTON24 and €75 for InfoQ Dev Summit Munich with promo code LIMITEDOFFERIDSMUNICH24 when registering. Valid until May 6.

New talks added for InfoQ Dev Summit Boston

"At InfoQ Dev Summit, senior developers will gain clarity on mastering today's critical dev challenges. We’ll go beyond theories and hype, learning proven approaches directly from practitioners facing the same hurdles. Their real-world tactics will empower you to make well-informed decisions on priorities that truly matter for your development roadmap in our rapidly evolving landscape. Gain focused, practical insights that provide direction, cutting through noise to drive smart choices for immediate impact."


Eder Ignatowicz
InfoQ Dev Summit Boston 2024 chair, senior principal software engineer, and architect @RedHat

At InfoQ Dev Summit Boston 2024 (June 24-25), our curated agenda set by senior software developers will help you navigate topics like Generative AI, security, and modern web applications.

Explore 20+ talks from senior developers sharing best practices, pitfalls, and solutions they adopted with the goal of helping you solve your crucial development challenges:

Explore the full agenda and secure your spot at InfoQ Dev Summit Boston (June 24-25).

Due to popular demand, the InfoQ Dev Summit offers InfoQ readers an exclusive early bird offer to save $100 on current ticket prices for InfoQ Dev Summit Boston. Use code LIMITEDOFFERIDSBOSTON24 to save when registering. The offer is valid until May 6. Register now.

InfoQ Dev Summit Munich: first speakers announced

"As a software architect, I find myself inundated with news, announcements, and design patterns every day, realizing that merely relying on willpower won't suffice to stay up-to-date. It's essential to filter out the noise and focus on learning what truly matters. The InfoQ Dev Summit is geared towards addressing current critical software development priorities and challenges senior developers face, such as application performance, cloud security, modern frontends, distributed databases, and multi-cloud practices. In the fast-paced world of software development, it's remarkable how quickly things evolve. For instance, while we're still discussing the benefits and drawbacks of serverless, AWS Lambda approaches its 10th anniversary this autumn. How do we stay ahead of the curve?"


Renato Losio
InfoQ Dev Summit Munich 2024 chair, cloud expert, AWS data hero, InfoQ editor

At InfoQ Dev Summit Munich 2024 (September 26-27), experience two days of in-depth technical talks, featuring 20 sessions and two keynotes by senior software developers across two parallel tracks. Speakers, all practitioners from diverse industries, including banking, security, and machine learning, will share actionable insights on the most pressing dev priorities.

Our first of 20+ speakers announced are:

  • Danielle Lancashire, principal software engineer @Fermyon, Kubernetes maintainer
  • Olalekan Elesin, engineering director @HRS Group & AWS machine learning hero
  • Gunnar Morling, senior staff software engineer @Decodableco
  • Sebastiano Galazzo, CTO @Synapsia AI, winner of three AI awards, 25 years working in AI and ML
  • Kennedy Torkura, CTO/co-founder @Mitigant, a pioneer of security chaos engineering, instigator of cyber resilience engineering & threat-informed defense
  • Ines Montani, co-founder & CEO @Explosion, core developer of spaCy

Our conference schedule is shaping up, with new speakers being added over the coming weeks.

Take advantage of the limited offer to the InfoQ readers for an exclusive early bird to save €75 for InfoQ Dev Summit Munich on current ticket prices. Use code LIMITEDOFFERIDSMUNICH24 to save when registering. Valid until May 6. Save your spot now.

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