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Jesse Fewell on Growing PMI using Agile

Posted by Jesse Fewell  on  Mar 18, 2010 4

The session is an experience report that tells the PMI Agile Forum story in roughly chronological order.

From Concept to Product Backlog

Posted by Gerard Meszaros  on  Feb 19, 2010

Gerard Meszaros believes that we need to find the proper balance between upfront planning and decision deferring, explaining what should be going on from product conception to the user stories backlog

Brian Marick on 4 Challenges and 5 Guiding Values of Agile Software Development

Posted by Brian Marick  on  Feb 09, 2010

Brian Marick takes us through a quick tour of the most important values and challenges to adopting Agile successfully (they aren't the typical challenges and values we hear in the community).

Tamara Sulaiman on Tips And Techniques For Implementing An Agile Program Across Distributed Teams

Posted by Tamara Sulaiman  on  Jan 21, 2010 3

Tamara Sulaiman shares templates, pictures, lessons learned for leveraging technology, managing multiple time zones, recommendations for metrics and reporting, and ideas for program level success.

Mike Cottmeyer on the Agile PMP

Posted by Mike Cottmeyer  on  Jan 12, 2010

Mike tackles the assumptions behind traditional project management and explore a more agile approach to managing time, cost, and scope.

Pragmatic Personas: Putting the User back in User Stories

Posted by Jeff Patton  on  Dec 23, 2009

Jeff briefly reviews the different ways that software is currently built and then describes how to create and use user personas to design and build software that has a better user experience.

Kanban Adoption at SEP

Posted by Chris Shinkle  on  Dec 11, 2009 2

We will explore how Kanban teams at SEP matured through the lens of the Dreyfus Model for Skill Acquisition.

Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises

Posted by Dean Leffingwell  on  Dec 09, 2009 2

Dean Leffingwell describes how agile methods are being successfully applied to enterprise-class development.

The Bold, New Extreme programming Experiment; Now in its 9th Year

Posted by Brian Spears  on  Nov 13, 2009

Brian Spears shares his company's experience adopting and evolving extreme programming over 9 years.

Agile Project Metrics

Posted by Dave Nicolette  on  Oct 30, 2009 4

The presentation shows how to project realistic completion dates based on empirical observations based on Velocity for iterative methods and on Cumulative Flow for non-iterative methods.

Metrics in an Agile World

Posted by Rob Myers and James Shore  on  Oct 18, 2009 2

Metrics at every level of the Agile organization receive scrutiny: Measuring value, team performance, progress, quality, and even code design attributes will be taken into consideration.

When it Just HAS to Work

Posted by Brian Shoemaker and Nancy Van Schooenderwoert  on  Sep 30, 2009 1

This talk gives practical tips for adopting an agile approach to planning, team interactions and risk management. When the culture shifts, teams achieve goals sooner and safety is greatly enhanced.

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