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  • The Spotify System Model: Automated Architecture Visualization at Spotify

    Spotify engineers recently published how they standardized architecture diagrams at the company. They defined a standard system model named the Spotify Software Model and adapted the C4 model to visualize it. This combination created a shared language used across the organization, which helps communication, aids decision-making, and supports Spotify's software's evolution.

  • Architecture Decision Records at Spotify

    Several teams at Spotify use architecture decision records (ADR) to capture decisions they make. ADRs have brought a number of benefits to Spotify, including improved onboarding for new developers, improved agility when handing over project ownership due to organization changes, and improved alignment across teams regarding best practices.

  • The Swift Method: A Framework for Software Modernization Using DDD

    The Swift Method is a set of techniques for analyzing complex legacy systems, and determining the work required to gradually modernize key components or the whole system.

  • How Agile and Architecture Parted and Finally Became Friends

    People stopped seeing the need to define the architecture or do software design due to incorrect interpretation of the agile manifesto, argued Simon Brown. Many software developers don’t seem to have a sufficient toolbox of practices and the software industry lacks a common vocabulary for architecture. A good architecture enables agility with just enough up front design to create firm foundations.

  • DDD and Living Documentation

    Creating documentation is boring, it's often obsolete and misleading but with a new mindset both your documentation and code can improve, Cyrille Martraire explained in a presentation showing how to create living documentation when working with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) at this year’s DDD Exchange conference in London.

  • How Agile Can Yield Effective IT Business Alignment

    In agile projects the product owner is often seen as the person who primary assures the connection between business and IT. But for effective IT-Business alignment having a product owner is not enough. What can people from the business, demand and supply parts of the organization do increase the effectiveness of IT – Business alignment?

  • AnyPresence Soups-up Enterprise MBaaS Platform:Part 2 of 2

    There is so much to learn about the latest Mobile Backend as a Service provider AnyPresence's 5.0 platform geared for the enterprise that this second post was needed. Co-founder Rich Mendis provides further insight for InfoQ readers…

  • Documentation Guide for Teams Doing Domain-Driven Design

    The first thing a team should do on a new software project is drawing a context map to help them understand the context, the core domain and what other contexts they may need to interact with to get a shared understanding of the domain between everyone involved, Paul Rayner explains when sharing his experiences what kind of documentation teams doing Domain-Driven Design, DDD, should produce.

  • Preview: 15th SPLC Conference on Software Product Lines

    The International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC) is the most important event that covers the full range of Product Line Engineering in software-intensive products. Its 15th incarnation will take place in the Munich City Center from August 21st to August 26th.

  • NetworkedHelpDesk's Ticket Sharing API: A Glimpse of the Future of Enterprise APIs

    Collaboration in the enterprise software space has been plagued with process and technology challenges. The advent of lightweight open API specifications from industry associations such as NetworkedHelpDesk alleviate some of these technical challenges and are being touted as examples of what future enterprise APIs will resemble.

  • Upcoming Conference CompArch 2011 in Boulder, Colorado

    The CompArch Conference is a federated conference that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in Component-Based Software Development and Software Architecture. This year the event is held at the University of Colorado in the United States from June 20th to June 24th. As general chairs Ivica Cnrkovic and Judith Stafford were appointed.

  • Orleans: An Object Framework for Cloud Computing From Microsoft Research

    Earlier this week Microsoft Research published a paper outlining a framework for Cloud Computing codenamed Orleans. The framework is intended for cloud computing applications where a client such as a PC, smartphone or embedded device is employed.

  • SQL Azure Achitecture - Competitive Differentiation

    Two weeks back Kalen Delaney published a whitepaper on SQL Azure internals focused on how SQL Azure achieves scalability and high availability. A foundation feature which differentiates SQL Azure from its competitors is the multi-tenant architecture upon which it has been built.

  • Article: Virtual Panel on Software Architecture Documentation

    Software architecture documentation is an important part of enterprise application development process. In this virtual panel, InfoQ spoke with leading software architecture experts about the significance of architecture documentation and how to document the architectures especially in Agile Software Development environments.

  • Paulo Merson on Documenting Application Architectures Using UML 2.0

    Documenting application architecture is an important part of the software development process. Paulo Merson recently talked about the role of documenting architecture in managing the Reference Architecture (RA). He did a presentation at SD Best Practices Conference on what information about an architecture should be captured and how UML 2.0 and BPMN can be used for architecture representation.