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InfoQ Homepage News Upcoming Conference CompArch 2011 in Boulder, Colorado

Upcoming Conference CompArch 2011 in Boulder, Colorado

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The CompArch Conference is a federated conference that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in Component-Based Software Development and Software Architecture. This year the event is held at the University of Colorado in the United States from June 20th to June 24th. As general chairs Ivica Cnrkovic and Judith Stafford were appointed.

The federated conference serves as an umbrella for several smaller events this year such as CBSE 2011 covering Component-based Software Engineering, QoSA 2011 addressing Quality of Software Architecture, ISARCS 2011 representing a new symposium for the architecture design of dependable systems, WCOP 2011 being a workshop for Component-Oriented Programming, and WICSA 2011 which deals with general Software Architecture topics.

The event will include a wide spectrum of speakers and topics. For example, speakers such as  Pamela Zave (AT&T Laboratories), Ian Gorton (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Michael Stal (Siemens Research & Technologies), and Brian Selic (Malina Software Corporation) will give keynote presentations.

The tutorial program offers topics such as

And last but not least, the technical part of CompArch 2011 papers address the whole area of current software architecture hot topics like architecture evaluation, performance evaluation, sustainability,  safety and security, deployment, specification and analysis, verification and testing, making and capturing decisions, or bridging different worlds.

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