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  • Obscuring Complexity

    One of the most important things that software architects do is manage the complexity of their systems in order to mitigate release disruption while maintaining sufficient feature velocity. When we cannot reduce complexity, we try to hide or shift it. Software architects tend to manage that complexity with the time-honored strategies covered in this article.

  • How SOA Governance (and SOA Management) Should Actually Be Done

    Ganesh Prasad proposes separating governance and management in large SOA projects to make sure that right dependencies are used throughout the system in order to promote agility, lower operating costs and reduced operational risks.

  • Measuring Architecture Sustainability

    In this article, authors discuss Morphosis, a multi-perspective measuring approach for architecture sustainability that includes evolution scenario analysis, architecture compliance checking, and tracking of architecture-level code metrics. These perspectives include change-prone requirements, technology choices, architecture erosion, and modularization best practices.

  • IT Architecture Design Framework: ADMIT

    ADMIT details the decisions points that should be considered by any IT Architecture effort. While its format is similar to other Enterprise Architecture frameworks, its focus on characteristics and forces which affect the end result allow it to be used in conjunction with other formalized EA deign and evaluation methodologies.

  • Making Architecture Matter

    In this article, authors describe how they used the corporate management system to communicate architecture requirements to all the architecture stakeholders in a large organization and how this transformation helped them achieve benefits like application and infrastructure stability.

  • Interview: Software Systems Architecture: Working With Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives

    Nick Rozanski and Eoin Woods have continued their journey of building a comprehensive handbook on Systems Software architecture with the publication of the second edition of Software Systems Architecture. InfoQ spoke to the authors on a couple of new topics, the System Context viewpoint and Agile, that are covered in the latest edition.

  • Interview and Book Excerpt: George Fairbanks’ Just Enough Software Architecture

    Just Enough Software Architecture book, by author George Fairbanks, focuses on a risk-driven approach to software architecture development. George explains Architecture Modeling process from different perspectives such as Engineering Use Models, Conceptual, Domain, Design and Code Models. InfoQ spoke with George about the book and his thesis project on design fragments in software framework.

  • SOA Governance Maturity – an Architect’s View

    This article presents a framework of SOA Governance processes, a maturity model, linked to the processes and a description of how architects should be involved in these processes. The authors provided some practical guidelines on how architects can lead or provide support at the various processes of the lifecycle and maturity levels.