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  • A New Attempt at Making Boo a First Class Language

    A couple years ago we brought you news on attempts to make Boo into a first-class language for full Visual Studio support. The BooLangStudio project apparently died on the vine and nothing has been checked in since October 2010. A new project, Visual Studio Boo plugin, now takes its place.

  • Introducing Boo Lang Studio

    The first alpha release of Boo Lang Studio is available on CodePlex. This Visual Studio add-on strives to offer first class IDE support for Boo, a relatively new .NET language that while inspired by Python, is statically typed.

  • Boo: a First Class Language in Visual Studio

    Boo is now on its way to becoming a first class citizen within Visual Studio 2008 thanks to the work of Jeffery Olson and the developers of BooLangStudio, a Visual Studio plugin.

  • Article: Building Domain Specific Languages on the CLR

    Ayende Rahien describes how to build internal DSLs on the CLR. He compares different .NET languages as suitable host languages for DSLs and presents Boo as an ideal candidate due to its meta programming facilities, flexibility, and performance.

  • In Case You Missed It: A .NET OpenID Library

    For those of you looking at using OpenID, there is a .NET compatible library available. The Library was written in Boo, a .NET language inspired by Python. It also leverages a library from the Mono project.