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InfoQ Homepage News A New Attempt at Making Boo a First Class Language

A New Attempt at Making Boo a First Class Language

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Boo is a statically compiled language with a Python-inspired syntax. While combing the lightweight syntax of Python with the guarantees and performance of static typing is desirable, Boo’s real claim to fame is its extensible compiler. At various stages during the compilation process, developers can hook into the pipeline to change how the compiler behaves.

A couple years ago we brought you news on attempts to make Boo into a first-class language for full Visual Studio support. The BooLangStudio project apparently died on the vine and nothing has been checked in since October 2010. A new project, Visual Studio Boo plugin, now takes its place. It is still in the early stages, with the following features usable.

  • Create new/Open existing projects with Boo as programing language. Included are 2 project templates - Class Library and Console Program
  • Add new files to Boo projects. Included are templates for boo code file and a text file
  • Edit Boo code with standard VS Code Editor
  • Compile/Run/Debug solutions with a mix of Boo and non-Boo projects, including breaking execution, examining the variables, etc.

To learn more about Boo check out the Boo Language Guide and InfoQ’s prior coverage.

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