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  • How the Financial Times Approaches Engineering Enablement

    Companies need teams working on infrastructure, tooling and platforms; the way they work has to change so that they do not become a bottleneck. These teams need to be about enabling product teams to deliver business value. Investment in this area pays off as it speeds up many other teams and allows product-team engineers to focus on solving business problems that provide value to the organisation.

  • Driving DevOps with Value Stream Management

    In a digital economy, VSM improved software deliveries support the businesses' other value stream improvement initiatives. In its modern reinvention, VSM software tools provide end-to-end and real-time access to data and analytical tools to help improve Flow across CI/CD and DevOps software delivery pipelines.

  • Q&A on the Book Techlash

    The book Techlash by Ian Mitroff and Rune Storesund explains why companies need to become socially responsible by considering the potential negative outcomes of technology. It explains how proactive crisis management can help prevent a crisis by the early detection and correction of deviations from expected conditions.

  • Architecture with 800 of My Closest Friends: The Evolution of Comcast’s Architecture Guild

    Comcast has cultivated an Architecture Guild, with the goal of "threading the needle" between obtaining advantageous critical mass around certain common technologies without undermining individual teams' agency.  The Architecture Guild is a grassroots framework that has been used to cut across organizational boundaries to identify solid, workable, default recommendations.