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  • Deploying Edge Cloud Solutions without Sacrificing Security

    Security challenges exist with edge cloud solutions. Some are technical, and some relate to the way in which these services are used. This article looks at the why, what, and how of edge security.

  • Privacy Architecture for Data-Driven Innovation

    This article lays out how you build an internal data governance architecture early in the ingestion phase, which enables you to allocate risk to data and identify such data in your systems. You can then protect the data accordingly. The second half of this article lays out various techniques to share data in a privacy-conscious manner.

  • Improving Security Practices in the Cloud Age: Q&A With Christopher Gerg

    IT leaders say that security is a top priority. Surveys show that it’s easy to say, and hard to do. InfoQ spoke with Christopher Gerg, CISO at Gillware, about security practices in the cloud age.

  • How to Seamlessly Evolve DevOps into DevSecOps

    As DevOps evolved, it became obvious that it was about more than just software development and operations management. With each new story of a massive data breach and its catastrophic consequences, cybersecurity swiftly became recognized as a critical part of any IT ecosystem. This realization led to DevSecOps. This article looks at how to embrace a DevSecOps approach.

  • Seven Steps for Improving Cloud Security with Business Integration

    For business owners and information technology professionals, cloud computing has represented a significant advancement in terms of efficiency and supportability. But like with any major shift in the IT industry, the cloud brings a host of new security risks. Let’s take a look at the most common risks associated with integrating cloud-based business systems and how to manage them appropriately.

  • Serverless Security: What's Left to Protect?

    This article aims to provide a broad understanding of security in the Serverless world. We'll consider the ways in which Serverless improves security, the areas where it changes security, and the security concerns it hurts.

  • A Roadmap to the Programmable World

    The emergence of millions of remotely programmable devices in our surroundings will pose significant challenges for software developers. This article proposes a roadmap from today’s cloud-centric, data-centric Internet of Things systems to the Programmable World highlights those challenges that haven’t received enough attention yet.

  • Taking an Application-Oriented Approach to Cloud Adoption

    Taking an infrastructure-centric approach to cloud adoption can lead to unrealized benefits. Architect Amit Kumar outlines eleven principles to consider when introducing cloud services into your architecture.

  • A Security Approach for a Cloudy World: An Interview with Pete Cheslock

    Does your approach to application and data center security change when adopting cloud services? To learn more about this topic, InfoQ reached out to Pete Cheslock, head of operations and support teams at Threat Stack.

  • Respect Your Organisational Monoliths

    There is a lot of information about DevOps, the technology, the culture, the behaviour. There is not a lot of information about tackling DevOps in large enterprises and there is certainly very little about tackling DevOps in large financial organisations. This article presents lessons learnt rolling out DevOps in a large insurance organisation.

  • Towards an Agile Software Architecture

    Boyan Mihaylov covers his experience when working with both traditional waterfall software architectures and agile ones. He depicts the similarities and differences between these with a focus on three areas: the specifics of the software architect role, the timespan of the software architecture, and the output of the software architecture.

  • Hologram - Finally, AWS Key Distribution that Makes Sense

    Faced with the lack of solutions for secure distribution of AWS access keys to developers, AdRoll decided to build their own open source Hologram, a system that brings Amazon's Instance Profile mechanism to developer workstations. Adair details the process, tool design and main features.


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