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  • CouchDB Progresses As IBM Acquires Cloudant

    IBM announced recently a definite agreement to acquire the major contributor to the CouchDB project, cloud database startup Cloudant. Adding CouchDB to IBM’s arsenal of technologies together with SoftLayer acquisition and MongoDB partnership creates an ecosystem of technologies bringing IBM in direct comparison with Amazon. A comparison of CouchDB, DynamoDB and ObjectRocket shows the strong points

  • CouchDB 1.3.0 Adds New Features and Algorithm Enhancements

    Apache Software Foundation has released CouchDB 1.3.0 with support for Fix _session, Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) including additional features and algorithm enhancements.

  • Couchbase Releases Couchbase Server 2.0 GA

    Couchbase Server 2.0 main features include flexible JSON data model, distributed indexing and querying, incremental map-reduce, and cross data center replication.

  • PouchDB – a CouchDB-inspired Offline Web Database

    Inspired by Apache CouchDB, PouchDB (Portable CouchDB) is a small footprint database for web and especially mobile applications that need a browser-based storage solution that can be used offline. The database can be synchronized with CouchDB databases or other PouchDBs when the device comes back online.

  • CouchDB versus Couchbase: What are the differences, and what happened to Membase?

    Recently Couchbase published a comparison of Couchbase and CouchDB to denote the differences and simlarities between the two. This document addresses a common question: "What is the difference between CouchDB and Couchbase?", and what happened to Membase? InfoQ caught up with James Phillips, a Couchbase founder, to discuss the comparison and the merger of the two products Membase and CouchDB.

  • Interview: Richard Hipp on UnQL, a New Query Language for Document Databases

    This interview with Richard Hipp, creator of SQLite, unveils the details of UnQL, a new query language for JSON document databases. Hipp mentions UnQLite, an embedded document database he plans to create.

  • NoSQL, NewSQL and Beyond

    The 451 Group has published earlier this month the conclusions of a report detailing the growing set of options in the information management space. In the process they also clarified what they meant by "NewSQL".

  • Couchbase Announces Couchbase Server and an Advisory Board

    Couchbase, the company recently formed by merging Membase and CouchOne, has announced the availability of Couchbase Server in addition to Membase Server and Mobile Couchbase, along with the Advisory Board Members.

  • NoSQL Shake-Up. Membase and CouchOne merge into Couchbase

    The shape of the NoSQL landscape is changing. The first big market aggregation took place with the merger of Membase Inc. with CouchOne into Couchbase. InfoQ spoke with James Phillip and Damien Katz about the benefits of the merger and future products.

  • JasperSoft 4 Released with Big Data Support

    JasperSoft announces reporting support for Hadoop and leading NoSQL databases.

  • Four NoSQL Add-ons available for Heroku Users

    The first four NoSQL datastores are available as Add-ons for the Heroku PaaS (platform-as-a-service) platform. Using the Add-on system that was introduced in October 2009, CouchDB from Cloudant, Membase from NorthScale, MongoDB from MongoHQ and Redis were made available for Heroku users.

  • CouchDB Comes to Android

    Couchio, the company founded by Damien Katz, creator of CouchDB, has announced the release of CouchDB SDK for Android, a mobile version of the document database that can be used offline.

  • Presentation: CouchDB and Me

    In this talk from RubyFringe, Damien Katz explains what drove him to create CouchDB, why he chose Erlang, how it ended up as an Apache project and much more.

  • Interview: Damien Katz Relaxing on CouchDB

    In this interview, Damien Katz talks about CouchDB, a distributed, fault tolerant, document oriented database developed by Apache Incubator. CouchDB is written in Erlang, and the database is accessed through an HTTP/JSON API. The database view engine is run on JavaScript, but other languages have been used like Ruby and Python.

  • Martin Fowler Sees a Thaw in Frozen Thinking about Data Storage

    In a recent blog post, Martin Fowler, a renowned software thought leader, observed at last week's QCon that the deep freeze in thinking about databases in application architectures is thawing. The world has been stuck using RDBMS databases for every application use case, but the time has come to also consider RISC RDBMS or distributed document-oriented databases.