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  • Host IronScheme in Your .NET Applications

    IronScheme, an implementation of Scheme for the .NET runtime, is ready for developers to try out. IronScheme adheres closely to the R6RS Scheme standard and currently passes 8,881 of the 8,897 tests in the PLT R6RS test suite.

  • Presentation: Ruby Beyond Rails

    John Lam talks about his path to dynamic languages, some of the problems of making IronRuby run fast, and how the DLR helps with implementing languages.

  • Compiled IronPython

    Shri Borde discuses the status of IronPython 2 and how it works with compiled code. He focuses on issues involving reflection and CLS compliance.

  • Microsoft Releases Silverlight 2 Beta 2 at TechEd 2008

    During his keynote at TechEd for Developers 2008 in Orlando, FL this week, Bill Gates announced the release of Silverlight 2 Beta 2.

  • Bringing Scripting back to VB

    Historically Visual Basic has its roots in scripting and dynamic programming, but never fully embraced it. This is seen in mismatched language features such as the ability to consume objects via late binding, a.k.a. duck typing, but no ability to define them. In a presentation at Lang.NET, Paul Vick talks about bringing scripting back to VB.

  • Scalability: Dynamic and Static Programming Languages

    In the wake of the demise of Chandler personal information management project, a discussion has occurred on TSS about the scalability potential of dynamic languages. Ted Neward attempted to go beyond language quarrel in order to provide some structured insights on this issue.

  • Ruby.NET future uncertain

    Dr. Wayne Kelly, of the Ruby.NET project, announced he'll be shifting his focus to Microsoft's IronRuby, partly due to the DLR technology. However, it's not certain whether this means the end of the Ruby.NET project.

  • C# Team talks about the future with Future Focus

    The C# team members of Charlie Calvert and Mads Torgersen announced they are creating Future Focus, a series of monthly blog posts detailing plans for future versions of C#.

  • Draft DLR Hosting Spec Released

    An updated draft of the DLR Hosting Spec has been released. This document covers hosting DLR-based languages with a focus on Silverlight, MerlinWeb, and interactive consoles. As it is just a draft, many of the developer notes explaining what they are trying to accomplish are still present.

  • A .NET Triumvirate: IronScheme, IronLisp, and Xacc

    Dynamic Languages are all the rage over the last year. Thanks to Llewellyn Pritchard two classics, Lisp and Scheme, are receiving the attention they deserve to run on the .NET runtime.

  • Programming for the DLR

    The Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) is an effort to facilitate the creation of language runtimes on .NET. IronRuby, a Ruby for .NET, is one of the languages built on the DLR that helps to push its limits. A new blog gives a step by step introduction to the DLR and how to build languages on it.

  • Interview: The State of IronRuby with John Lam

    InfoQ had the opportunity to talk with John Lam about how far along the IronRuby team is getting IronRuby released.

  • Client-Side PHP using Silverlight

    Tomas Petricek is developing a client-side PHP compiler for use with Silverlight, Microsoft's answer to Flash.

  • IronRuby on Silverlight Demo at RubyConf

    John Lam recently gave the folks at RubyConf a sneak-peak to what is coming from Microsoft's commitment to Ruby running on its Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) and Silverlight.

  • Java Language Runtime (JLR) project created

    A new project aims to increase collaboration among JVM based languages. The Java Language Runtime aims to collect code that is common among languages targeting the JVM and prevent duplication among the providers of JRuby, Jython, Groovy, and many others.