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  • DevOps Follow 1055 Followers

    How to Source Control Your Databases for DevOps

    by Jonathan Allen Follow 655 Followers on  Nov 12, 2018 2

    A robust DevOps environment requires having continuous integration for every component of the system. But far too often, the database is omitted from the equation. In this article, we discuss the unique aspects of databases, both relational and NoSQL, in a successful continuous integration environment.

  • Development Follow 783 Followers

    14 Things I Wish I’d Known When Starting with MongoDB

    by Phil Factor Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 13, 2018 2

    I’ve been a database person for an embarrassing length of time, but I only started working with MongoDB recently. When I was starting out with MongoDB, there are a few things that I wish I’d known about. With general experience, there will always be preconceptions of what databases are and what they do. In hopes of making it easier for other people, here is a list of common mistakes.

  • AI, ML & Data Engineering Follow 1112 Followers

    A Quick Primer on Isolation Levels and Dirty Reads

    by Jonathan Allen Follow 655 Followers on  Oct 07, 2016

    Recently MongoDB found itself at the top of Reddit again when developer David Glasser learned the hard way that MongoDB performs dirty reads by default. In this article we will explain what isolation levels and dirty reads are and how they are implemented in popular databases.


NoSQL For Mere Mortals Review and Author Q&A

Posted by Sergio De Simone Follow 21 Followers on  Jun 16, 2015

NoSQL for Mere Mortals introduces the majortypes of databases that fall under the NoSQL umbrella and explainsboth their advantages and shortcomings. Review and interview with the author. 2


Agile Modeling: Enhancing Communication and Understanding

Posted by Lee Ackerman Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 21, 2011

Agile Modeling adheres to and aligns with Agile values and principles and should be one of the practices within your Agile toolkit. 2


Virtual Panel: Security Considerations in Accessing NoSQL Databases

Posted by Srini Penchikala Follow 41 Followers on  Nov 15, 2011

NoSQL databases have been getting lot of attention lately but NoSQL data security is not given much emphasis. This article focuses on the security considerations in accessing NoSQL databases. 2


Concurrency Controls in Data Replication

Posted by Yongjun Jiao Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 01, 2011

Learn about leading concurrency control mechanisms used for data replication in distributed environments - techniques used by Oracle RAC, TimesTen, and GigaSpaces and NoSQL databases. 5


Graph Databases, NOSQL and Neo4j

Posted by Peter Neubauer Follow 0 Followers on  May 12, 2010

Peter Neubauer introduces Graph databases and how they compare to RDBMS' and where they stand in the NOSQL-movement, followed by examples of using a graph database in Java with Neo4j. 10


NoSQL in the Enterprise

Posted by Sourav Mazumder Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 21, 2010

Sourav Mazumder explores what NoSQL databases are, how they fit into Enterprise IT, challenges facing enterprise adoption, choosing an appropriate NoSQL database, and NoSQL database adoption advice. 15