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  • WSO2 Developer Studio 3.0&3.1 Have Better ESB Tooling

    WSO2 Developer Studio 3.0 and 3.1 improve ESB and Registry Resource Editor tools, has better performance, uses Eclipse Juno SR2, and supports JAX-RS REST code generation.

  • Eclipse Code Recommenders Proposes Code Based On Bayesian Networks

    As part of the Eclipse Juno release, a new project, Eclipse Code recommenders joins the train. The idea of the code recommenders is to adjust and filter the set of proposals given when the code proposal key sequence is triggered. The proposals are suggested based on probabilities of using those methods in the current context. Read on for more.

  • Xtend Extends Java

    Together with the release of Eclipse Juno, the Eclipse Foundation is proud to announce the release of Xtend 1.0, a Java-compatible language with lambdas and yet full compatibility with the Java runtime.

  • Eclipse Juno Brings Eclipse 4 as Standard

    Today, the Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Eclipse Juno, the ninth annual simultaneous release train including over 70 projects and for the first time the Eclipse 4 platform in the standard packages. Read on to find out what's new and noteworthy.

  • Eclipse Juno and the Future of the Eclipse Platform

    Eclipse Juno M5 was released last week, based on the Eclipse 4.2 platform. Although a revolutionary step towards the UI, some are concerned that the Eclipse Platform project needs more resources to be able to complete the transition in time for this Summer's release. Read on to find out more about the Eclipse Juno E4 transition.