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InfoQ Homepage News WSO2 Developer Studio 3.0&3.1 Have Better ESB Tooling

WSO2 Developer Studio 3.0&3.1 Have Better ESB Tooling

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WSO2 Developer Studio 3.0 and 3.1 improve ESB and Registry Resource Editor tools, has better performance, uses Eclipse Juno SR2, and supports JAX-RS REST code generation.

WSO2 has recently announced two new releases of their Developer Studio IDE, 3.0 and 3.1 (WSO2 DS). The initial plan was to release a major version, but they managed to follow up with a minor release a week later, adding some improvements requested by customers.

WSO2 DS continues the trend established with the 2.0 release, streamlining application development for Carbon and Stratos. The main enhancements in WSO2 DS IDE 3.0 and 3.1 are:

  • WSO2 ESB Graphical Flow Composition Tool – a graphical tool useful to visualize message flow paths between various components connected to the ESB
  • WSO2 ESB REST API support – ESB REST services are automatically packaged within the Carbon Archive (CAR)
  • WSO2 ESB Task support – used to set up recurring tasks that are also packaged in the CAR
  • Registry Resource Editor now can be used to migrate media resources across environments 
  • Better overall performance
  • Support for Eclipse Juno SR2
  • Support for JAX-RS-based REST code generation using WADL

WSO2 Developer Studio is an Eclipse-based IDE providing integrated tools for creating SOA or composite applications, and RESTful services that can be deployed either locally on the Carbon middleware platform, or on a Stratos-based private or hybrid cloud, or on StratosLive, a Java PaaS operated by WSO2.

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