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  • A Quick Look at Advanced IoT Sensors for the Enterprise Going Digital

    Thanks to IoT developing at a rapid pace, devices, including sensors, are becoming more affordable, and the entire ecosystem has gotten smarter. These results allow businesses to satisfy more specific needs according to their manufacturing process, as well as to take measurements in complex conditions. In this article we will provide an overview of where IoT sensors currently stand.

  • Private vs. Public Blockchains for Enterprise Business Solutions

    In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using blockchain for business solutions, describing the differences between public and private versions of this technology in practice. We’ll also talk about a new type of chain — a hybrid of private and public chains which takes the benefits of both to create a truly versatile platform with no compromises.

  • Break the Cycle of Yesterday's Logic in Organizational Change and Agile Adoption

    Change in most organizations today seems to be locked in the paradigm of yesterday’s logic – repeating the same top-down, command driven approaches that consistently fail to achieve the expected benefits. The environment today requires new approaches drawing on concepts from modern management approaches. This article introduces a number of ideas and approaches to break out of the old paradigm.

  • How Outsourcing Practices Are Changing in 2021: an Industry Insight

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses think about outsourcing their processes. While security and sustainable outsourcing have become top priorities, cost reduction has become a driving factor in outsourcing decisions. The practice of nearshoring is gaining prominence, while other practices are becoming obsolete. This article explores how outsourcing practices are changing in 2021.

  • Saga Orchestration for Microservices Using the Outbox Pattern

    The outbox pattern, implemented via change data capture, is a proven approach for addressing the concern of data exchange between microservices. The saga pattern, as demonstrated in this article, is useful for data updates that span multiple microservices.

  • How Outsourcing Practices Are Changing in 2020: an Industry Insight

    The IT outsourcing industry is very volatile and each year we see new trends reshaping the sector. In 2020, we see some outsourcing practices coming up and others getting stronger. At the same time, we also see some of the prominent outsourcing practices becoming obsolete. This article looks at how the outsourcing industry is changing and getting prepared to embrace the change.

  • The Unicorn Project and the Five Ideals: Interview with Gene Kim

    The Unicorn Project is a fictionalized story about a DevOps transformation. Gene Kim introduces the five ideals of Locality and Simplicity; Focus, Flow and Joy; Improvement of Daily Work; Psychological Safety; and Customer Focus. The book confirms the importance of the DevOps movement as a better way of working and addresses the importance of architecture and developers’ productivity.

  • PAL (Planned Agile Leadership) Schedule

    Develop a PAL Schedule to harmonize agile methodologies with static package Go Live dates to enable a visual representation of planned project progress, enable the same methodologies used at an agile sprint level to control the project at a high level, act as a harness for quantifiable and measurable high-level deliverables, coordinate project activities and enrich meaningful communication.

  • Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon London 2017

    This year was the 11th for QCon London; it was also our largest London event to date. Including our 140 speakers we had 1435 team leads, architects, and project managers attending 112 technical sessions across 18 concurrent editorial tracks and 16 in-depth workshops.

  • Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon London 2016

    This article summarizes the key takeaways and highlights from QCon London 2016 as blogged and tweeted by QCon's 1,400 attendees. Over the course of the next 4 months, InfoQ will be publishing most of the conference sessions online, including 21 video interviews that were recorded by the InfoQ editorial team.

  • Enterprise Mobility is Going Beyond “Mobile First” Approach. Are You Ready?

    The mobile revolution is changing the way organizations work and manage their operations, as well as engage with their employees. As a result, organizations are reconsidering their technologies and techniques to make their traditional organizational cultures and roles more mobile friendly, making ‘mobile first’ a must have strategy.

  • Interview series: DevOps Enterprise Adoption

    InfoQ ran a series of interviews during the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015, focusing on the DevOps transformations that many corporations are currently undertaking to improve not only their productivity and time to market, but also to increase engagement and collaboration between people and teams.