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Building Polyglot Distributed Systems With JInterface

Posted by  on  May 20, 2011 2

Cliff Moon shows how to create a polyglot distributed application by integrating Scala with Erlang through JInterface, a library designed for JVM-based languages to communicate with Erlang processes.

The Evolution of the Erlang VM

Posted by  on  Mar 17, 2011

Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding recall the events leading to Erlang and its later evolution. They mention the Prolog interpreter, JAM, VEE, Strand88, OTP, TEAM, BEAM, and other technologies.

Webmail for Millions, Powered by Erlang

Posted by  on  Feb 02, 2011

Scott Lystig Fritchie presents the architecture and lessons learned implementing a webmail system in Erlang, using UBF and Hibari, a distributed key-value store, to accommodate a large user base.

Using Erlang in a Carrier-Grade Media Distribution Switch

Posted by  on  Jan 07, 2011 1

Steve Vinoski talks on how Erlang is used in a media distribution switch to control the video stream flow at speeds up to 200Gb/s and handling tens of thousands of open HTTP connections.

Availability, the Cloud and Everything

Posted by  on  Dec 09, 2010

Joe Williams discusses how distributed systems, cloud computing and configuration management affect system’s availability. He exemplifies with a database service built on CouchDB, Erlang, Chef, EC2.

Fast Enough

Posted by  on  Nov 08, 2010

Cliff Moon explains how to make Erlang programs faster by writing performance critical sections of the code in C using NIFs and by integrating libraries using the linked-in driver interface.

Computation Abstraction: Going Beyond Programming Language Glue

Posted by  on  Nov 02, 2010 1

Sadek Drobi talks about abstracting the control syntax (glue) in mainstream and FP languages: Null, propagating errors, events, lists, streams, channels, functors, monads, and custom abstractions.

Writing a Technical Book

Posted by  on  Oct 13, 2010

Eric Merritt, Martin Logan and Richard Carlsson share their story, the challenges and lessons learned along the way as first time book authors of “Erlang and OTP in Action”.

A Discussion of Basic vs. Applied Research in the Software Domain and the Creation of Erlang

Posted by  on  Sep 17, 2010 1

Bjarne Däcker recounts the story of CSLab at Ericsson, the birthplace or Erlang, how it started, some of the projects leading to Erlang, and its eventual success inside Ericsson as Erlang/OTP.

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