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  • Netflix Hystrix - Latency and Fault Tolerance for Complex Distributed Systems

    Netflix has released Hystrix, a library designed to control points of access to remote systems, services and 3rd party libraries, providing greater tolerance of latency and failure. Hystrix features thread and semaphore isolation with fallbacks and circuit breakers, request caching and request collapsing, and monitoring and configuration.

  • Introducing Windows New File System: ReFS

    For the first time since 1993 Microsoft is posed to offer a new file system architecture. ReFS or Resilient File System is designed to both improve reliability and as a chance to drop obsolete features offered by NTFS.

  • Akka 1.1 Released, Brings Many Improvements to Futures and Performance, Reduces Dependencies,

    Akka 1.1 was released with many improvements in performance, Futures and more. The basic Akka also has no dependencies except for Scala 2.9. InfoQ caught up with Jonas Bonér to talk about the current state and the future of Akka.

  • Scala & Akka Creators Launch Typesafe Company for Multicore and Cloud Architectures

    Scala creator Martin Odersky joined forces with Jonas Bonér, the creater of Akka, and launched Typesafe. With $3 million Series A financing led by Greylock Partners, Typesafe offers commercial support for enterprise development of multicore and cloud architectures.

  • Exploring Tuple Spaces Persistence In Ruby With Blackboard

    Ruby has long been criticized for 1.8's limited green threads. Luc Castera gave a presentation at RubyNation about Concurrent Programming with Ruby and Tuple Spaces. He introduces 2 ways of implementing TupleSpaces in Ruby: Rinda and Blackboard using Redis (with plans to porting it to Erlang).

  • REST and transactions?

    The topic of distributed transactions and their place within a REST world has come up again recently. Many people have indicated that they are either thinking of using the combination or are doing so now. Others, including Roy Fielding, believe that the two simply do not go together.

  • The Problems with WCF and the Using Block

    The WCF Client code violates two of the core principals of .NET API design; calling Close should actually close the connection and calling Dispose should never throw an exception. We look at how this came to be and at some available workarounds.

  • Presentation: CouchDB and Me

    In this talk from RubyFringe, Damien Katz explains what drove him to create CouchDB, why he chose Erlang, how it ended up as an Apache project and much more.

  • Aster In-Database MapReduce

    Aster Data Systems has announced an in-database MapReduce implementation for their nCluster database platform.

  • Opinion: Multiple Processor Computing Challenges go Beyond Purely Technical Issues

    In his position statement for the International Computer Music Conference 2008, Peter Van Roy raises a number of issues related to the emergence of multi-core processors and loosely coupled systems and suggests possible solutions. Though challenges brought by these two forms of concurrency computing are very different in their nature, both they go beyond purely technical problems.

  • Agile Cloud Computing?

    Almost a year on from their initial announcements around grids and cloud computing, Arjuna Technologies have released more details of what they're working on: a new Cloud-platform called Arjuna Agility that emphasises a non-invasive approach to getting the most out of your IT investments as they migrate to the cloud.

  • Interview: Randy Shoup Discusses the eBay Architecture

    In this interview from QCon San Francisco 2007, Randy Shoup discusses the architecture of eBay. Topics discussed include eBay's architectural principles, horizontal and vertical partitioning, ACID vs. BASE, handling data inconsistency, distributed caching, updating eBay on the fly, architectural and coding standards, eBay's search infrastructure, grid computing, and SOA.


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