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  • Freenginx: Core Nginx Developer Announces Fork of Popular Web Server

    Recently, a former employee of F5 and main contributor of the Nginx project announced the fork Freenginx of the popular web server. The new project was started to address a security dispute and wants to be a drop-in replacement of Nginx, run by developers rather than corporate entities.

  • LibreSSL, OpenSSL Replacement: The First 30 Days

    LibreSSL is the OpenBSD group's response to the Heartbleed security vulnerability that was discovered a few weeks ago in OpenSSL. LibreSSL aims at fully pruning/refactoring OpenSSL to provide a secure and stable code base, fix long standing bugs, introduce modern programming practices, and redesign portability. After one month of work, it is time for a status update.

  • Nokia X Marks Another Android Fork

    This article overviews the latest most important Android forking attempts which offer developers new opportunities but also some challenges.