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  • Google Announces Cloud Container Engine Using Kubernetes

    Google made a number of cloud-related announcements during their Google Cloud Platform Live Event that is taking place in San Francisco these days. The most important is the availability of Google Container Engine (GKE), currently in public alpha. Others are: Managed VMs, more connectivity options, Cloud Debugger, Autoscaler, and price reductions.

  • DockerCon 2014 Highlights

    After the launch of Docker 1.0 there was more to come. The conference t-shirts said ‘Containers everywhere!’, with plenty of evidence of that from the large Bay area service providers. There were also some additional launches - libswarm ‘a minimalist toolkit to compose network services’, libchan ‘an ultra-lightweight networking library’, and more partners getting involved with libcontainer.

  • Google Cuts Cloud Prices, Integrates CI Tools, Supports Windows and Manages VMs

    Google had a Cloud Platform Live event on Tuesday (recorded here) unveiling a number of new features, improvements and a new pricing model.

  • What Is Going on with PaaS?

    Despite huge investments and years in development, PaaS has not managed to attract many customers so far. This article digests what several analysts are saying regarding the current status of PaaS and its future.

  • GAE 1.8.2 Introduces Dedicated Memcache and Modules

    Google App Engine developers can now access dedicated cache up to 20GB of memory and split the application in modules providing stateless and secure services.

  • Google Unleashes Their Public IaaS Cloud, Adds NoSQL Database

    Google has opened the doors to its hotly anticipated Google Compute Engine and is now firmly engaged in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) battle with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft. This week’s Google I/O conference also introduced a new fully managed NoSQL database and the addition of PHP to the Google App Engine Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

  • Jelastic Adds PHP to Their Platform for Service Hosting Providers

    Besides Java, Jelastic has added PHP to their platform for service hosting providers. This article contains an interview with Dmitry Sotnikov, COO at Jelastic, with more inside information about their PaaS solution.

  • Google Previews Java 7 Support for App Engine

    Google has included a preview of the forthcoming support for Java 7 in the October update to their Platform-as-a-Service App Engine

  • Google’s New IaaS Offering Runs Linux VMs in the Cloud

    Google today disclosed details of Compute Engine, an IaaS offering that runs Linux VMs on demand utilizing Google’s cloud infrastructure. Google Compute Engine (GCE) supports 1, 2, 4 and 8 virtual core VMs with 3.75GB RAM per virtual core

  • New in Google Cloud: SDK 1.5.5, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Prediction API and Premier Accounts

    Google Cloud Services has announced a new version of the App Engine SDK (1.5.5) -the frontend request deadline has been raised from 30 sec. to 60 sec., Python 2.7-, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage and Prediction API are out of Code Labs, and Premier Accounts.

  • Google Adjusts GAE Pricing Terms Based on User Reaction

    Google has reacted to recent developments regarding the increase in GAE prices which took developers by surprise, making a number of adjustments to the pricing plan, the most important being: the new billing is delayed until November 1st and the number of free Instance-Hours is raised from 24/day to 28/day.

  • Google App Engine Price Rises Shock Developers

    Google has announced that its cloud computing service, App Engine, will officially lose its "preview" tag in the second half of September. At the same the company is raising prices, presumably in an effort to turn the product into another profit centre for the company.

  • Google App Engine Gets Support for Go

    Google added GAE support for Go with SDK 1.5.2. Developers can write and test Go applications locally on Linux and Mac OS X and run them on GAE.

  • Google App Engine 1.5.0 Released

    Google have announced that their Google App Engine will come out of preview status later this year, with a restructured fee policy for those who want to use it for larger deployments. In addition, the 1.5.0 release includes preview support for Go, the systems language created by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson.

  • Google Releases the High Replication Datastore for App Engine

    Google offers now two options for storage on its App Engine, the Master/Slave Datastore and the new High Replication Datastore, which remains available during downtime and offers a higher degree of resiliency to catastrophic failures.