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  • Ember Community Votes Overwhelmingly to Drop IE8

    Ember.js users have voted overwhelmingly in favour of dropping support for Internet Explorer 8. Ember co-creator Tom Dale said "the vast majority of Ember users" were "comfortable" with giving up IE8 support in Ember 2.0. Dale went on to say that while there was also "enormous support for dropping IE9 support as well" the benefits were not "as strong".

  • Bootstrap 4 Will Drop IE8 Support

    Bootstrap 3.3.0 was announced last week, along with a set of upcoming changes in Boostrap 4 alpha. One of the biggest changes coming soon is removal of support for IE8.

  • 5 Security Enhancements in Chrome

    Google has added five security enhancements to Chrome in order to make browsing more secure: cross-documents message posting, Strict Transport Security, Origin and X-Frame-Options header fields, and Reflective XSS Filter. Some of these features have already been or are to be implemented by other browsers.

  • The HTML 5 sandbox Attribute Improves iFrame Security

    The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) is working jointly with W3C on developing the HTML 5 standard, which has been at "Last Call" at WHATWG for the last 3 months. During this time one feature which has changed more significantly is the sandbox attribute of the iframe element. sandbox can be used to isolate untrusted web page content from performing certain operations.

  • Enhancements in JScript 5.8, the IE8 Scripting Engine

    After a couple of betas, IE8 was finally released last month including version 5.8 of its JScript engine. The main enhancements of the scripting engine are: JSON support, performance optimizations, ECMA 3 compatibility, a profiler plus a debugger.

  • IE8 Beta 2 Released for the Consumer

    Microsoft has just released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. While Beta 1 was aimed to the developers, Beta 2 is for the consumers. Some of the top features of the browser are: Web Slices, Search Suggestions, Accelerators, Compatibility View, SmartScreen Filter.