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  • C++20 Feature List Now Frozen: Modules, Coroutines, and Concepts are in; Contracts out

    The ISO C++ Committee has closed the feature list for the next C++ standard, dubbed C++20, scheduled to be published by February 2020. C++20 will be a significant revision of C++, bringing modules, coroutines, and concepts, among its major new features.

  • C2x Will Be the Next ISO Standard for the C Language

    Expected to be finalized in 2022, the C2x standard has started its evolution, driven by the C committee. InfoQ had the chance to speak with Jens Gustedt, who is working within the committee to advance the new standard and author of the upcoming book Modern C.

  • C++17 Is Ready

    At its winter meeting in Kona, HI, USA, the ISO C++ committee has finalized work on C++17, writes Herb Sutter. A short summary of its main features here.

  • Stroustrup: Thoughts on C++17 - An Interview

    Bjarne Stroustrup, designer and original implementor of C++, has recently circulated a draft aimed at “stimulating a discussion” about C++17 design goals and possible new features,. such as modules, concepts, and ranges. InfoQ has taken the opportunity to talk with Stroustrup to clarify his view on C++ and the committee’s work.

  • Java Currency and Money Standard Forges Ahead

    The Java standard for Currency and Money (JSR 354) currently under development reached another important milestone this May with the publication of a second Public Review draft. InfoQ spoke to Anatole Tresch of Credit Suisse who is leading the standardisation effort.

  • ECMA Common Language Infrastructure 5th Edition

    The ECMA working group in charge of the Common Language Infrastructure standard has produced released a working draft of the 5th edition. The CLI represents the subset of Microsoft’s .NET platform that has been placed in the care of Ecma International. Originally known as the European Computer Manufacturers Association, Ecma International both competes with and complements ISO.