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  • W3C starts two new technical committees

    The W3C announces the start of a working group on Internationalization and one on a Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER).

  • Continental Airlines Case Study

    It is often said that ASP.NET does not scale and that for real enterprise applications you need to use J2EE. Well, the folks as Continental Airlines beg to differ. Not only does ASP.NET scale in terms of performance, Continental claims it also scales in terms of internationalization.

  • Ruby on Rails 1.2 deepens support to REST and Unicode

    Tapping into advanced features of the HTTP protocol, the Rails team enhances the flexibilty and interoperability of derived apps, while providing guidance to optimal use of controllers. Combine this with proper UTF-8 support and a growing team of contributors, and Ruby on Rails is ready for 2007 and beyond.

  • Improved Time Zone Support Planned For .Net 3.5.

    Microsoft has finally extended time zone support to encompass more than just UTC and the user's local time zone. With .NET 3.5/Orcas, .NET applications will be able to fully leverage the time zone information available to the OS.

  • Multibyte for Rails: A Unicode Solution for Rails?

    The issue of proper Unicode support for Ruby on Rails continues to generate lots of discussion and development activity. The Multibyte for Rails project seems to be making progress in driving a unified solution to the problem.

  • Six Ruby Presentations (with slides) from European Ruby Meeting Now Online

    The audio and slides of six presentations made at a recent Ruby on Rails meeting, hosted by Greenpeace in Amsterdam, have just been made available. Topics include integration with legacy Java apps, CMS development, and Unicode.

  • Simplified i18n with new Cintoo Messages 1.0

    Cintoo Messages is an i18n framework that was developed over the course of several large internationalization projects where existing Java solutions were not sufficient. Messages supports locales for threads and different bundles for different Java packages. Bundle mapping configuration is done outside of client classes resulting in simplified code.

  • The Unicode Debate Rekindled

    The perennial debate about how best to support multibyte Unicode in Ruby is heating up again, and thanks to the progress of Rails and JRuby, this time there is more at stake...


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