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  • Is AMQP on the way to providing real business interoperability?

    AMQP came from inside of JPMorgan, thanks to John O'Hara. But his vision was bigger than just a new way to do things internally. The standard and open source technologies around it have been gaining momentum. Jeff Gould and others shed some light on where AMQP came from, who is driving it, and where it might be going.

  • Progress Software Acquires IONA and Mindreef

    Progress software acquires two companies: IONA Technologies and Mindreef, in an effort to augment their SOA Portfolio. The portfolio consists of products in the following categories: enterprise service bus (Sonic ESB), enterprise messaging (Sonic MQ), data interoperability (DataXtend), Mainframe integration (Shadow), Complex Event Processing (Apama) and SOA management (Actional).

  • Logicblaze FUSE and IONA Celtix products merge into IONA FUSE product line

    Last week however, IONA presented their open source strategy roadmap with the announcement of a merger of the former Logicblaze FUSE product and IONAs own Celtix product. The new open source product line will keep the FUSE brand and will consist of four product modules that can either be deployed together or independently.

  • IONA acquires LogicBlaze, supporters of ActiveMQ and ServiceMix ESB

    LogicBlaze, the first venture funded/created by open source VC Simulalabs has been acquired by IONA, who offers the Artix enterprise ESB as well as Celtix, an open source ESB platform. LogicBlaze offered subscription support and training (as well as the development) behind the ActiveMQ project as well as ServiceMix ESB. InfoQ spoke to IONA and others to get the full details.

  • SOA Coverage on Software Engineering Radio

    Software Engineering Radio, a podcast for professional developers, has an extensive coverage of SOA, including interviews with Werner Vogels, Steve Vinoski, Gregor Hohpe, and Michael Stal.

  • IONA Announces Celtix Enterprise

    IONA has announced Celtix Enterprise, its ESB offering based on open source products. InfoQ talked to IONA's CTO, Eric Newcomer, about the technical aspects of the release as well as the business implications.

  • Interview: IONA CTO Eric Newcomer on WS Transaction Standards

    IONA CTO Eric Newcomer talked to InfoQ about the progress on WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity , as well as the standardization and the role of the big players in general.

  • Advanced Message Queue Protocol to Commoditize Messaging

    The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) has been announced today by JP Morgan Chase, RedHat, Twist, Cisco, Iona, and others. AMQP is an open specification for queue-based messaging that is technology agnostic and completely interoperable; it aims commoditize the messaging middleware industry and provide true interoperability across technology stacks in any language or operating system.