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  • Article: Book Excerpt and Review: OSWorkflow

    OSWorkflow by Diego Adrian Naya Lazo discusses the open-source OSWorkflow, a Java-based workflow engine. As described on the official website, "This book covers all aspects related to OSWorkflow. No prior knowledge about OSWorkflow is needed". The book's publisher, Packt Publishing, also provided InfoQ with an excerpt from Chapter 4 of the book, entitled "Using OSWorkflow in your Application".

  • Unified Rules Engine and Processes

    Mark Proctor, the JBoss Drools Project Lead, and Kris Verlaenen the Ruleflow lead present their vision for unifying rules and processes to provide a truly unified modeling environment with rules and processes as first class citizens, tightly integrated modeling GUIs, single unified engine and apis for compilation/building, deployment and runtime execution.

  • JBoss Drools 4.0: Business rules now more accessible to non-programmers

    JBoss Drools, an open-source business rules engine, recently reached version 4.0. InfoQ took the opportunity to learn more about JBoss Drools and its current and future capabilities.

  • JBoss Rules 3 (Drools) is out

    JBoss is timing a number of releases to coincide with next weeks JBoss world in Las Vegas. The latest is JBoss Rules 3.0, which is the new brand for the Drools rules engine project under JBoss' umbrella and support model. Drools is a Rules Engine implementation based on Charles Forgy's Rete algorithm tailored for the Java language.