Spring 2 Final Approching with new support for OSGi, JPA, Asynch JMS

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 28 Followers on  Sep 05, 2006 5

Spring 2.0 final is set to come out on September 26th - a few months after the original launch dates. InfoQ spoke to the Spring team to find out what's been going on. Spring has been updated with JPA final spec support, asychronous JMS, the new JSP form tag library, and a collaboration with IBM, BEA, and Oracle to bring OSGi support to Spring.


Spring and EJB 3 Compared

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 28 Followers on  Sep 01, 2006 1

devx is hosting an article comparing Spring 2 and EJB 3 focusing on support for persistence, transaction management, and statefulness, concluding that support is mostly the same with but with EJB being slightly better at handling state.


BEA Finishes Moving OpenJPA Code to the Apache Incubator

by Scott Delap Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 25, 2006 2

BEA has finished the last set of OpenJPA code drops to the Apache Incubator. OpenJPA will be an enterprise grade JPA implementation suitable for production use. It will also form the basis for BEA's commercial Kodo 4.1 and WebLogic's JPA support.


AJAX, JPA, and JSF Articles Added to Java BluePrints Catalog

by Scott Delap Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 19, 2006

The Java BluePrints Catalog available on has been updated with new writeups on JSF, AJAX, and JavaEE 5 Persistence.


Refactoring the EJB APIs

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 28 Followers on  Jun 16, 2006

Artima has interviewed EJB 3 spec lead Linda DeMichiel on how EJB was refactored for simplicty between EJB 2 and EJB 3, including three separate spec documents, simplifying EJB interfaces, annotations and when to use them, and dependency injection.


Open JPA: A real competitor to Hibernate emerging

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 28 Followers on  May 22, 2006 27

BEA will be open sourcing a large part of the formerly commercial Kodo persistence engine from SolarMetric into the Apache OpenJPA project. Going forward, the commerical Kodo and WebLogic will be built on top of OpenJPA which will recieve a large commitment of resources from BEA for further development. OpenJPA may become a viable alternative to Hibernate this year.

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