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  • The Jakarta EE 9 Delivery Plan

    Anticipating a mid-2020 GA release, the Jakarta EE platform project team presented the formal Jakarta EE 9 delivery plan to the Jakarta EE steering committee. It is expected that Jakarta EE 9 will be a stable tooling release from which vendors can support the new jakarta package namespace. Jakarta EE 9 may be considered a foundation for innovation to drive new features in Jakarta EE 10 and beyond.

  • The Java EE Guardians Rebrand as the Jakarta EE Ambassadors

    Under the auspices of the Eclipse Foundation, the rebranding of the Java EE Guardians to the Jakarta EE Ambassadors has been completed. They were a driving force that ultimately led to Oracle open-sourcing Java EE and transferring ownership to the Eclipse Foundation. Reza Rahman, program manager, Java on Azure at Microsoft, spoke to InfoQ about this rebranding.

  • JakartaOne 2019: Livestream 7pm to 1am Summary

    The JakartaOne Livestream global virtual conference was held on September 10th, 2019, with 19 one-hour sessions. It provided insights into the current state and the future of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile technologies, focused on cloud native Java development. The sessions included keynotes, demos, panel discussions, and upcoming specifications delivered by an all-star cast of Java luminaries.

  • Red Hat Releases WildFly 18 Featuring Support for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

    Red Hat has released version 18 of their WildFly application server featuring support for Jakarta EE 8 and MicroProfile 3.0. Other features include alignment with the Jakarta EE APIs, support for JDK 13, and enhancements to security, clustering and EE subsystems, especially in the areas of EJB and RESTEasy.

  • Payara Server: the Latest Product Certified as Jakarta EE 8-Compatible

    With the release of Payara Server 5.193.1, Payara joins the Eclipse Foundation, IBM and Red Hat to offer products that are certified as Jakarta EE 8-compatible since the formal release of Jakarta EE 8 on September 10, 2019. Patrik Duditš, Java software engineer at Payara, spoke to InfoQ about this milestone.

  • JakartaOne 2019: Livestream 7am to 1pm Summary

    The inaugural JakartaOne Livestream global virtual conference, scheduled in conjunction with the formal release of Jakarta EE 8, went live on September 10th, 2019 at 7am EDT with the first of 19 one-hour sessions. Focused on Jakarta EE and MicroProfile-related topics, these sessions included keynotes, demos and panel discussions delivered by an all-star cast of Java luminaries.

  • Introducing Jakarta NoSQL

    Recently approved as an EE4J project, Jakarta NoSQL is a specification in Jakarta EE to help developers create enterprise-grade applications using Java and NoSQL technologies. JNoSQL is the reference implementation of Jakarta NoSQL, providing a set of APIs and a standard implementation for a series of NoSQL databases, such as Cassandra, MongoDB, neo4J, CouchDB, and OrientDB, among others.

  • Release of Open Liberty Completes Support of MicroProfile Standalone Reactive Streams APIs

    In keeping with IBM’s commitment to their four-week release cycle of Open Liberty, version was recently made available. Open Liberty’s ongoing support for MicroProfile includes the new standalone reactive APIs: MicroProfile Reactive Streams Operators (version; MicroProfile Context Propagation (version; and MicroProfile Reactive Messaging (version

  • The Inaugural JakartaOne Virtual Conference Goes Lives with the Release of Jakarta EE 8

    The inaugural JakartaOne Livestream virtual conference, scheduled with the release of Jakarta EE 8, will go live on September 10th, 2019 with the first of 19 one-hour sessions at 7:00am EDT. Focused on Jakarta EE- and MicroProfile-related topics, these sessions include keynotes, demos and panel discussions. Reza Rahman, principal program manager at Microsoft, spoke to InfoQ about this event.

  • Apache NetBeans 11.1 Released as Top Level Project

    Apache NetBeans 11.1 has been released, the first release available since graduating from incubation.

  • Java EE Specifications Renamed Jakarta EE

    Java EE specifications have been renamed Jakarta EE, changing branding and clarifying the names of each document.

  • Payara Tour of Japan 2019

    Payara recently completed a one-week tour of Japan in which they visited prominent Java Users Groups. Featured speakers were Kenji Hasunuma, service engineer at Payara, Ondrej Mihályi, senior service engineer at Payara, and Yusuke Yamamoto, Java Champion, creator of Twitter4J, and president of Samuraism, a Japanese company providing development tools and training.

  • Eclipse and Oracle Unable to Agree on Terms for javax Package Namespace and Trademarks

    The Eclipse Foundation and Oracle were unable to agree on a path forward for enhancing Java EE's javax namespace, requiring all applications to be ported to a new namespace for Jakarta EE.

  • OpenLiberty Moves to Four-Week Releases

    OpenLiberty, the project behind IBM WebSphere, has released version as its first move into four-week releases.

  • Spring Boot 2.2 Reaches First Milestone Release with Performance and Memory Improvements

    The Spring Boot team recently released v2.2.0 M1, the first milestone release of Spring Boot 2.2. It includes performance and memory improvements, Kubernetes-detection, and third-party library updates. Over 140 issues were resolved with this release. Starting with this release, JMX is now disabled by default.