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  • Official Support for Jython in Visual Studio

    Python Tools for Visual Studio, which has its first production release today, now supports all four major Python interpreters, CPython, IronPython, Jython, and PyPy. It is available with the free Visual Studio Integrated Shell or as a plugin for Visual Studio Professional.

  • State of Python on the JVM

    In the past year or so Python has really been gaining a lot of traction on the JVM, thanks to the recent advancements of Jython. In this news item we'll talk to the Jython project lead about Jython and the state of Python on the JVM.

  • Is It Premature to Talk About C++ and Java’s Legacy?

    Bruce Eckel’s recent blog post on the legacy left by C++ and Java generated a lot of reaction. While mentioning some design mistakes, he concludes that both languages have had a significant role in programming languages evolution and an important positive legacy. But is it not too early to talk about their legacy?

  • Sun Gets Serious About Python

    Two announcements from Sun on their plans for supporting Python.

  • Interview: Architecture with Brian Zimmer

    In this interview filmed during QCon 2007, Brian Zimmer talks about the architectural challenges he has faced working on a a large web application as senior architect.

  • JVM Dynamic Language Shootout

    Travis Jensen compares Groovy, Jython and JRuby for developing web based user interfaces.

  • Dynamic Languages on the CLR and JVM

    John Rose, a key designer behind Sun's new Da Vinci Machine project initiative, and Charles Nutter of the JRuby project, contrast dynamic language support and optimization on the JVM and Microsoft's Dynamic Language Runtime.

  • The Grinder 3.0: "The Programmer's Load Tester" Adds Scripting Support

    The Grinder is an open source Java load testing framework that makes it easy to run a distributed test using many load injector machines. Its new release brings significant enhancements including integration with a scripting engine (Jython) that allows flexible test recording, script customization and replay.

  • Python Web Framework on the JVM

    Recently there has been a lot of news about numerous languages making their way onto the JVM, providing endless possibilities. Python has been around for years and its JVM implementation, Jython, hopes to bring a Python web framework to the JVM. It could prove to be what Rails is to Ruby and Grails is to Groovy.

  • Jython Receives First Major Release in 4 Years with Version 2.2

    The Jython team has released the first major release of Jython in 4 years with version 2.2. This version implements the internal architecture of Python 2.2 and features of Python 2.3.

  • Steve Yegge Ports Rails to Javascript/Rhino

    At Foo Camp this past weekend, Steve Yegge of Google gave a talk called "Google Rails Clone" where, as John Lam reports, he talked about his experience porting Ruby on Rails to Javascript at Google. InfoQ summarized the community reaction and took the opportunity to speak with Steve Yegge, who was kind enough to answer some questions.