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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Architecture with Brian Zimmer

Interview: Architecture with Brian Zimmer


In this interview taken by InfoQ's Scott Delap during QCon 2007, Brian Zimmer talks about the architectural challenges he has faced working on a a large web application as senior architect. He talks about adding internationalization support to an application initially targeted to the US market. He also spends time on asynchronous communications with the suppliers, concurrency, messaging and fail over. A part of his interview is about rearchitecting the application, creating new tiers or moving modules between tiers.

Brian also touches the subject of dynamic languages and their importance in augmenting Java in order to become a better and richer platform. According to Brian, a mixture of dynamic languages and the JVM would prove to be a powerful combination speeding up the start up phase of a Java application.

The entire interview is 17 minutes long.

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Community comments

  • Awful transcript

    by Alexis Le-Quoc,

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    When they do need a manage state the traditional approach for us is to push that out to cash and let the cash manage it

    I'm sure the problem can be solved with money but using a cache will be more helpful to manage state.

  • Interesting interview

    by Randy Shoup,

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    Hi, Brian --

    You touch on some really interesting topics. Carefully managing your interactions with hundreds or thousands of independent and unreliable supplier systems must be a real challenge. And as you and I have discussed, marrying that with a complex event streaming approach to monitoring was very clever and powerful. Great ideas in there!

    Take care,

    -- Randy

  • Brian Zimmer Black Hat SEO

    by eyes open,

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    Just thought you guys should know what your wonderful little Brian Zimmer is up to when not busy giving interviews. He likes to inject Black Hat SEO scripts into people's websites that all lead back to subpages at his website. Each injection has 125 links in it all with tags for prescription drugs. The FBI, His hosting provider and a few others have been notified. What a wonderful face to have as your spokesperson. Here is just one of the lovely links that he likes to inject into people's websites: a nice little ditty about snorting diazepam. Shame on you Brian, you sir are a dick and should not be working in this industry. btw say hi to the investigator when they call, sounds like a nice guy.

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