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Oliver Gould on Service Mesh for Microservices, LinkerD, and the Recently Released Conduit

Wes Reisz talks with the CTO of Bouyant Oliver Gould. Bouyant is the maker the LinkerD Service Mesh and the recently released Conduit. Gould defines a service mesh, clarifies the meaning of the data and control plane, discusses what a Service Mesh can offer a Microservice application owners, and, finally, discusses some of the considerations they took into account developing Conduit.

| Posted on Feb 09, 2018 with Oliver Gould Follow 1 Followers

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Security Considerations and the State of Microservices with Sam Newman

| Posted on Aug 18, 2017 with Sam Newman Follow 15 Followers

Architecture & Design Follow 2642 Followers

Daniel Bryant on Microservices and Domain Driven Design

| Posted on May 12, 2017 with Daniel Bryant Follow 824 Followers

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