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  • Stream Processing and Lambda Architecture Challenges

    Lambda architecture has been a popular solution that combines batch and stream processing. Kartik Paramasivam at LinkedIn wrote about how his team addressed stream processing and Lambda architecture challenges using Apache Samza for data processing. The challenges described are the late arrival of events and the processing of duplicated messages.

  • Log4j 2.6 Goes Garbage-Free

    Log4j, the popular logging library for Java, will include a number of configuration options that allows it to run in a completely garbage-free manner. The release follows previous attempts to improve the performance of logging libraries, and has been positively received by the industry. Further changes to increase the number of scenarios in which log4j can run garbage-free are expected.

  • Continuous Delivery Challenges in Mobile Development

    Jesper Richter-Reichhelm, Head of Engineering at Wooga, spoke at GOTO Amsterdam 2014 about some of the challenges teams face developing mobile games with a continuous delivery mindset. In particular Jesper stressed how lack of control over the software delivery process on mobile nearly crashed their business.

  • Unsafe at any Speed; Oracle Surveys community about promoting sun.misc.Unsafe

    Oracle software engineer Paul Sandoz is asking the public to weigh in on the controversial library sun.misc.Unsafe by responding to a Survey Monkey survey. The debate centers around whether Unsafe, under scrutiny due to its divergence from the Java credo of safe memory management, should be mainstreamed.