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Mike Lee Williams on Probabilistic Programming, Bayesian Inference, and Languages Like PyMC3

Reisz talks with Mike Lee Williams of Cloudera’s Fast Forward Labs about Probabilistic Programming. The two discuss how Bayesian Inference works, how it’s used in Probabilistic Programming, production-level languages in the space, and some of the implementations/libraries that we’re seeing.

| Posted on Aug 31, 2018 with Mike Lee Williams Follow 3 Followers

AI, ML & Data Engineering Follow 1108 Followers

Jendrik Joerdening and Anthony Navarro on Self-Racing Cars Using Deep Neural Networks

| Posted on Mar 16, 2018 with Jendrik Joerdening Follow 2 Followers , Anthony Navarro Follow 1 Followers

Architecture & Design Follow 2632 Followers

Chris Swan on DevOps and NoOps, Plus Operations and Code Validation in a Serverless Environment

| Posted on Jan 19, 2018 with Chris Swan Follow 635 Followers

Architecture & Design Follow 2632 Followers

Charles Humble and Wes Reisz Take a Look Back at 2017 and Speculate on What 2018 Might Have in Store

| Posted on Dec 29, 2017 with Charles Humble Follow 1007 Followers

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Shubha Nabar Discusses Einstein, the Machine Learning System in Salesforce

| Posted on Sep 29, 2017 with Shubha Nabar Follow 0 Followers

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Dan Kreigh on Building SpaceShipOne and Designing Flying Cars

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Dan Kreigh about his experiences as the lead structural analyst working on SpaceShipOne and his personal interest in designing and building a flying car.

| Posted on Aug 01, 2018 with Dan Kreigh Follow 0 Followers

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