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  • Google Introduces Cloud Storage Connector for Hadoop Big Data Workloads

    In a recent blog post, Google announced a new Cloud Storage connector for Hadoop. This new capability allows organizations to substitute their traditional HDFS with Google Cloud Storage. Columnar file formats such as Parquet and ORC may realize increased throughput, and customers will benefit from Cloud Storage directory isolation, lower latency, increased parallelization and intelligent defaults

  • MapR-DB NoSQL Database Integrated into MapR Community Edition for Unlimited Production Use

    MapR Technologies, provider of the Apache Hadoop distribution, has open sourced their MapR-DB NoSQL database for unlimited production use. MapR-DB is a Wide Column NoSQL database with native integration to Hadoop and support for strong consistency and ACID transactions.

  • Apache Drill Included in MapR Latest Distribution Release

    MapR recently announced including Apache Drill in its latest release of MapR distribution. Apache Drill is the open source version of Google’s Dremel. Dremel is the infrastructure on which BigQuery is based upon. Drill is offering a low latency SQL-on-Hadoop interface. While this puts it in the same space as several other technologies around Hadoop, Drill has some unique characteristics setting it

  • MapR Releases Commercial Distributions based on Hadoop

    MapR Technologies released a big data toolkit, based on Apache Hadoop with their own distributed storage alternative to HDFS. The software is commercial, with both a free edition, M3, as well as a paid edition, M5. M5 includes snapshots and mirroring for data, Job Tracker recovery, and commercial support. MapR's M5 edition will form the basis of EMC Greenplum's upcoming HD Enterprise Edition.