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InfoQ Homepage News MapR-DB NoSQL Database Integrated into MapR Community Edition for Unlimited Production Use

MapR-DB NoSQL Database Integrated into MapR Community Edition for Unlimited Production Use

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MapR Technologies, provider of the Apache Hadoop distribution, has open sourced their MapR-DB NoSQL database for unlimited production use.

MapR-DB, part of the MapR Community Edition (formerly M3), is based on Google BigTable and supports a wide column NoSQL data model. It has native integration with Hadoop, supports automatic sharding and can be used for use cases in the areas of data streaming and real-time analytics. Some of the datasets to store in MapR-DB include operational data formats like logs, sensor data, metadata, and clickstreams. The database uses Apache HBase core API to run existing HBase applications along with MapR-DB. Developers can run applications using HBase and MapR-DB in the same cluster.

MapR-DB database also supports other features like the following:

  • Row-level ACID transactions
  • Strong data consistency
  • Integrated Security which includes Kerberos or LDAP integration for authentication and Access Control Expressions for authorization
  • Multi-tenancy
  • In-memory database option that can be used to store an entire database in memory for additional performance gains

It doesn't support High Availability and Disaster Recover (HA/DR) capabilities.

MapR-DB in the MapR Community Edition is available for download on the company website. There is also the MapR Sandbox, a fully-functional Hadoop cluster running in a virtual machine for developers to test their product without a stand-alone installation or configuration overhead.


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