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  • Rack 1.0 Released

    Rack, the "minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby and Ruby frameworks" has finally seen its 1.0 release. We talked to Rack developer Christian Neukirchen to learn what his plans for the future of Rack are.

  • Thin The Fast Ruby Web Server

    Today Mongrel is the defacto Ruby web server of choice. But a new experimental solution is now available in the name of Thin. Thin glues together the Mongrel parser, EventMachine and Rack in order to surpass Mongrel's performance.

  • Presentation: Mongrel, 2500 Lines, and Economics

    In this presentation from QCon London Zed Shaw talks about lesions learned while developing Mongrel. Topics include economics, project management and how companies can interact with open source projects. The talk also goes into the reasons of Mongrel's continued success.

  • Engine Yard Bets Big on Rubinius

    One of the best kept secrets at this year's RubyConf was the working whereabouts of two of Ruby's hottest superstar developers: Ryan Davis and Eric Hodel of Seattle.rb. Ryan revealed the secret last week: they've officially joined Engine Yard to work full-time on next-generation Ruby runtime Rubinius.

  • Interview: Zed Shaw on Mongrel and Ruby in the Enterprise

    Zed Shaw - creator of Mongrel and the Profligacy GUI library - sat down with InfoQ for a video interview. Among the topics discussed are Mongrel, how to make money with Ruby in the enterprise and his interest in alternative languages such as Lua, Smalltalk and Factor.

  • High Performance Ruby MVC: Merb

    By some accounts, Ruby on Rails request-processing has slowed 10-20% with each recent release, so Ezra Zygmuntowicz built his own Ruby-based MVC framework using some of the best parts of Rails. Recently, at the Ruby Hoedown event, Ezra demonstrated how Merb keeps the agility of ActiveRecord while focusing on high-load performance and concurrency.

  • Article: Changing the Present Case Study

    In an exclusive InfoQ case study, popular author Bruce Tate reveals the technical details behind the extraordinary web 2.0 charity site,

  • Considering Grails vs Rails Benchmarks

    The Grails community recently posted some unscientific benchmark numbers comparing a simple crud app written in Grails and Rails.

  • Deploy Your Production Rails Applications at the Engine Yard

    Engine Yard is the first Rails application deployment service that combines serious and scalable infrastructure with easy management at an affordable price.

  • Rails LiveCD Linux Distro Announced

    Brian Ketelsen announced the initial release of the new Ruby on Rails LiveCD Linux Distribution. The RailsLiveCD includes all the software needed to run Ruby on Rails development. You can set your computer to boot first from CD and try this Ruby on Rails specific distribution of Linux without altering your computer at all.

  • Big Turnout for Ruby Meetup in San Francisco

    Close to one hundred people attended last night's Ruby meetup at C|Net offices in San Francisco.

  • Interview with Mongrel Author Zed Shaw

    Well-known Rails programmer Zed Shaw was interviewed by O'Reilly. Zed talked about Ruby on Rails and his work on an up-and-coming new HTTP server named Mongrel that is winning accolades all over the community.