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  • Xamarin Introduces C# Async for iOS and Android

    Xamarin has released a preview of their async-enabled libraries for iOS and Android development. This work is based heavily on Microsoft’s .NET 4.5, which was released late last year as part of Visual Studio 2012. Xamarin is the new name for the development platforms previously known as MonoTouch and Mono for Android.

  • Miguel de Icaza on ASP.NET MVC, Moonlight, and the Android Lawsuit

    We had a chance to catch-up with Miguel de Icaza, founder of the Mono project and it’s new parent company, Xamarin. Some of the topics we covered include the future of ASP.NET MVC on Mono and the end of the Moonlight project.

  • XobotOS: Android Build on C# Instead of Java

    Xamarin, the current care takers of the Mono project, have released a prototype of Android with the Java virtual machine completely removed. In its place is the Mono for Android version of the CLR, with most of the Java APIs converted into C# code.

  • Introducing the Mono for Android UI Designer

    Mono for Android will soon have its own visual UI designer. Currently a private beta is available; developers interested are encouraged to sign up for the Mono for Android Designer Beta program. We spoke with Lluis Sanchez, the UI designer architect, for more information.

  • Unit Testing on Mobile Devices with .NET/Mono

    An ongoing problem with specialized platforms is the lack of support for unit testing. Developers are forced to compromise the quality of their tests or their build process in order to get anything working. Recently MonoTouch has made progress in this area, but Windows Phone and Mono for Android still lag behind.

  • Unifying Hardware Access across Windows Phone, Android, and iOS

    Xamarin, purveyors of C# compilers for Android and iOS, is looking to make mobile device code more portable by standardizing the way hardware is accessed. Their new abstraction layer, Xamarin.Mobile, allows the same code for contact, geolocation, and notifications to be used across each type of device.

  • Q&A with Lluis Sanchez, Project Manager of MonoDevelop

    The MonoDevelop team has just released version 2.8 of their open-source for IDE for .NET and Mono development. InfoQ took a moment to speak with MonoDevelop's project manager Lluis Sanchez to discuss this release and its increasing popularity on Mac and Windows.

  • Xamarin Gets All IP Rights for Mono and Related Products

    Mono is back where it started. Miguel de Icaza and his developers have all legal rights to continue developing Mono and all related products due to an agreement with SUSE, now part of The Attachmate Group.

  • The Death and Rebirth of Mono

    Novell Mono is officially dead. All of the developers have been let go and the new owner, Attachmate, has not expressed any interest in maintaining the project. But in true open source fashion, a new fork is rising up. Led by Mono’s founder Miguel de Icaza, a new company named Xamarin has been founded.

  • Cross Platform Libraries in .NET/Mono

    In an attempt to address the platform divergence problem in the .NET/Mono ecosystem, Microsoft is working on an extension called Portable Library Tools. This tool allows the same compiled library to run on .NET 4.0, Silverlight, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone 7 are available. Microsoft is working with Mono to add support for MonoTouch and MonoDroid.

  • On the Current State and Future of Mono

    With the purchase of Novell by Attachmate, the future of the Mono project has been put into doubt. And with the typical post-acquisition layoffs and gag orders placed on the employees, rumors are running high. While we still don’t have the full story, we are putting together what we do know.

  • MonoDroid Bridges .NET with Android

    MonoDroid brings the whole Mono VM to Android, enabling .NET developers to write applications for Google’s mobile OS. Developers now can write applications targeting iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

  • A Mono Update

    Last week Miguel de Icaza published a long post listing all the work the Mono team at Novell has been doing since the move to GitHub in July 2010. Much of the new work has been around language development and MonoDevelop improvements.