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A Mono Update

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Last week Miguel de Icaza published a long post listing all the work the Mono team at Novell has been doing since the move to GitHub in July 2010.  Much of the new work has been around language development of F#, IronPython, IronRuby and UnityScript since they were recently released as open source.  Included in the long list are improvements in MonoDevelop, the defacto Mono IDE, both on Linux and Mac OSX.


List of updates:

  • Running version of F# on Mono
  • Working version of UnityScript, a JavaScript strongly typed class based language
  • Announcement of Git support in MonoDevelop 2.6, now known as NGit
  • A new profile which replaces the old logging profiler, heap-shot profiler, heap-buddy profiler and statistical profiler
  • A memory leak detector for Moonlight
  • Mono on Android
  • MonoDevelop support for MonoDroid
  • Upgrade of MonoTouch to Mono 2.8
  • Addition of Jeroen Frijters’s IKVM.Reflection engine as a second backend to the C# compiler
  • Moonlight GPU acceleration from the Gallium work
  • Moonlight passing 47.77% of the Silverlight 4 test suite
  • Public beta of Moonlight in early 2011
  • Release of MonoMac 0.4
  • Launch of the MonoDevelop Add-in system


The busy Mono team plans to release betas of Moonlight 3 and 4 , MonoDevelop 2.6, Mono 2.10 and MonoDroid 1.0 by the end of the first quarter in 2011.  Of particular note has been the interest of Mono on Mac with 144 downloads of the MonoMac add-in from December 1 thru December 8.  


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