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  • Operations-Friendly Windows Services

    DevOps on Windows has for the last few months been running a series on how a developer can create an operations-friendly Windows Service. The series explains how to overcome the most important hurdles from an operations viewpoint: installation of the Windows Service and its start-up phase. The series finishes with a simple framework that tries to overcome those hurdles in a standard way.

  • Named Resource Streams for WCF Data Services

    Under the current version of WCF Data Services, developers can associate only one streaming resource with a given entity. With the October 2010 CTP, developers can now add additional named streams to an entity. For example, for images you may have streams named “Thumbnail”, “Small”, and “Full”.

  • Microsoft Answers “Top 10 Questions on Data”

    Microsoft has answered what they call “Top Ten Questions on Data”, explaining what has happened or it is going to happen to Oslo, ADO.NET Data Services, WCF, LINQ to SQL, T-SQL and other technologies.

  • GET Details On Upcoming .Net Access Control Service

    The .net services team, released details on future plans for the .net services offering, that is part of the Azure services platform. .NET Services includes access control to help create secure connections between your applications and services, as well as a service bus for communicating across network and organizational boundaries.

  • .NET RIA Services, the Roadmap

    The .NET RIA Services team has published their release plan starting with a CTP in July and ending with RTW during the first part of 2010. These dates are not set in concrete since changes may appear due to user feedback.

  • Microsoft Introduces .Net RIA Services

    Yesterday, Microsoft released .Net RIA Services which was mostly in stealth mode until now. In his presentation at MIX 09, Nikhil Kothari, explained "n-tier development and architecture is hard and un-natural. Our goal is to bring ASP.NET / RAD style productivity to RIA developmend"

  • Introducing ADO.NET Data Services 1.5

    The first version ADO.NET Data Services was originally slipped into a service pack for .NET 3.5. Finding that it did not quite meet customer expectations, another version is on its way.

  • Is Database-as-a-Service a Bad Idea?

    Data Management represents a strategic asset for Cloud Platforms as the most popular Data Services will likely command the largest platform market share. In a post this week, Arnon Rotem-gal-Oz argues that "Database-as-a-Service" is a bad idea. Would you trust your enterprise data to DaaS?

  • Merge, Replace, or Patch: How Astoria Handles Changing Data

    Using REST, what should happen when you perform a PUT operation to update existing data? The Astoria Team asks that question and explains their answer.