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  • MEF for Windows 8 Metro and TPL Data Flow Moved to NuGet

    Microsoft has decided to remove MEF for Windows 8 Metro and TPL Data Flow from the .NET 4.5 framework release. Instead they will be offered as NuGet packages so that improvements can be released outside of the full .NET release cycle.

  • Solution Wide Dependency Management for .NET

    NuGet will now be available in version 1.4 which improves over version 1.3 with features such as ability to manage packages at the solution level, improvement in Update–Package command, support in constraining the range of versions while updating packages and more. Along with the new features there are total of 88 work item fixes, 71 out of those being bug fixes.

  • NuGet packages now come with Debug symbols, Sources

    The NuGet team has announced a feature that allows package authors to package their sources along with their assemblies for distribution through NuGet. This enables developers using these packages to debug through the sources of the referenced packages easily, without having to search for the source code on the project hosting server or do complicated setups.

  • NuPack, OpenWrap, and CoApp – A Roundup on Package Managers for .NET/Windows

    Microsoft has released NuPack CTP 1, an open source package manager for .NET. OpenWrap is another package manager for .NET with many similarities and some differences. CoApp is a package manager for Windows featuring updates and support for multiple languages like C, C++, .NET, PHP, Python, Perl.