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  • Microsoft Entra Suite Now Generally Available: Identity and Security Based Upon Zero-Trust Models

    Microsoft has announced the general availability of its Entra Suite. According to the company, the suite provides a solution that integrates identity and security, facilitating a more unified approach to security operations.

  • SharePoint Embedded Empowers ISVs to Integrate M365 Features in Apps

    Microsoft released SharePoint Embedded on May 21st, 2024. SharePoint Embedded is a headless API for building apps that leverage full spectrum Microsoft 365 collaborative features. This feature is specifically targeted to independent software vendors (ISVs) who build apps.

  • Microsoft Introduces Visual Studio Code Extension for SharePoint Embedded

    Last week Microsoft released a preview release of SharePoint Embedded extension for Visual Studio Code. The extension enables developers to easily set up Azure Entra app registrations for SharePoint Embedded. It also helps manage free trial container types, create guest apps, load sample apps, and export settings for use with the SharePoint Embedded Postman Collection.

  • Microsoft Copilot: Copilot Pro, Copilot for Microsoft 365, Copilot GPT and More

    Microsoft has released Copilot Pro and Copilot for Microsoft 365, and is providing free access to those tools for smaller organizations and educational faculty. They also created the Copilot mobile application. Moreover, Copilot is also available in the Microsoft 365 mobile application.

  • Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio: Automated Lifecycles and Integrated Bot Debugging

    The Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio allows .NET developers to build, debug, and release applications for Microsoft Teams. Its latest version introduces powerful capabilities, including automated Teams App lifecycles and integrated bot debugging via built-in tunneling within the Visual Studio environment.

  • SharePoint Framework 1.17 Introduces Web Part Top Actions and Change to Update Cadence

    Microsoft released version 1.17 of the SharePoint Framework in April 2023, which together with new features and bug fixes also ushers a shorter release cycle for minor fixes. The version has already seen four minor updates in the two and half months since the launch.

  • Microsoft Build 2020: Highlights

    Last week Microsoft held the 10th edition of Build, its annual conference aimed at developers using Microsoft technologies. The online event included multiple important announcements and releases, such as the general availability of Blazor WebAssembly, updates on the upcoming .NET 5, Azure Static Web Apps, and new projects related to IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Microsoft 365 and the Future of App Development: Microsoft Build 2018 Second Day Keynote

    The second day keynote focused on how Microsoft 365 is the future of app development. Although the talk was focused on the merging of Enterprise Mobility Services, Microsoft Office, and Windows 10 in Microsoft 365, the underlying Microsoft Graph platform will have much wider use as ubiquitous computing, the union of data and AI, and multi-sense and multi-device experiences become more prevalent.

  • Microsoft Flow Reaches General Availability

    Microsoft recently announced the General Availability of Microsoft Flow, a cloud-based automation platform that provides workflow and connectivity capabilities across many popular online and on-premises services. Since the preview, in April 2016, 117,000 people from 61,000 organizations have used the service to automate their business processes.

  • Microsoft PowerApps Reaches General Availability

    After a six-month preview of PowerApps, Microsoft has reached General Availability (GA) with the cross-platform business application productivity service. PowerApps is now available for production usage in six regions, in 42 languages, with a 99.9% SLA.

  • Microsoft Build 2016 - Day 2 Keynote Quick Take

    Microsoft's annual Build developer conference continued today in San Francisco's Moscone Center. Read on for InfoQ's coverage as Microsoft announced their plans for the Cloud, the fate of their Xamarin acquisition, and Office 365.

  • Popular Microsoft Apps Unfriend Facebook

    Facebook has made changes to their Graph API which Microsoft says has forced it to drop Facebook support from several Microsoft applications. This means popular apps like Windows Photos and OneDrive will no longer exchange data with Facebook.

  • Azure Gains New Networking Capabilities

    At Ignite Microsoft announced new networking capabilities for Azure described as being ‘for a consistent, connected and hybrid cloud’. The new capabilities include improvements to ExpressRoute, Azure’s Internet bypass offering, availability of ExpressRoute for SaaS such as Office 365 and Skype for Business, additional VPN capabilities and enhancement of virtual networks in Azure’s IaaS.

  • Cross Platform Applications for Office 365

    A major focus of Build 2015 is Office 365 as a platform. The desktop version of Office has been treated as a development platform since the early days of macros written in a variant of BASIC. Microsoft intends to recreate and expand upon that by turning Office 365 into a cross platform development platform available on any form factor or operating system.