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  • From Dependency to Autonomy: Building an In-House E-signing Service

    While many companies rely on third-party services, there’s a growing realization that an in-house solution can offer more control, flexibility, and cost savings. In this article, we’ll delve into how to build an e-signing microservice.

  • Interview about JavascriptLandia, the Openjs New Individual Contributor Program

    JavaScriptLandia is a new initiative by the OpenJS foundation that aims at individuals who wish to participate in the activities of the openJS foundations and contribute to open-source projects. To learn more about JavaScriptLandia and the challenges behind open-source projects we talk with Sara Chipps, a member of the OpenJS cross-project council who leads the initiative.

  • Controlling and Steering Open Source Projects

    Open source software has become an important part of the software business. In this IEEE article, author Dirk Riehle discusses how the commercial software firms can control or steer open source software projects to meet their business needs. He talks about how these firms depend on open source and how they manage that dependency to meet their business goals.