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  • Has OpenSolaris Reached the End of the Road?

    An internal unofficial Oracle memo has outlined a new policy regarding the OpenSolaris operating system. Some consider this as the death of OpenSolaris, but others point to the opportunity for the project to be carried on by Illumos, an open source organization that wants a completely open OpenSolaris, providing the code that is currently closed and not depending on Oracle.

  • Sun Pledges to Appear Behind Every Cloud

    Sun enters the cloud market with Sun Open Cloud Platform and will provide virtual machine images for all its open source software. The main technologies powering Sun’s cloud are: Java, MySQL, OpenSolaris and Open Storage.

  • Sun Opens Netscape Server Source

    Sun's OpenSolaris project has released the Java Enterprise Server as open source under the BSD license. The is largely the same as their commerical product, which descends from the Netscape Enterprise Server of the 90's.

  • Using Dtrace to Improve Rails Performance

    InfoQ investigates how three companies recently collaborated to use DTrace, a powerful open source process introspection tool, to find and fix a substantial Rails latency issue.