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  • Microsoft Drops Quadrant

    Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Microsoft is dropping Quadrant and is revising its plans for its M data-modeling language.

  • Microsoft Answers “Top 10 Questions on Data”

    Microsoft has answered what they call “Top Ten Questions on Data”, explaining what has happened or it is going to happen to Oslo, ADO.NET Data Services, WCF, LINQ to SQL, T-SQL and other technologies.

  • Microsoft Has Released “Oslo” May 2009 CTP

    Major features of “Oslo” May 2009 CTP are: “Quadrant”, a visual modeling tool, changes of the “M” language specification and the addition of predefined domain models to speed up development.

  • Article: Writing A Texual DSL Using 'OSLO'

    As key part the Oslo tools is a language for modeling textual DSLs (MGrammar). This article is an an attempt to try and use MGrammar to write a small parser that can interpret dates expressed in natural language.

  • Workflows, Services and Models

    In his new whitepaper, David Chappell takes a first look at the latest Microsoft technologies - WF 4.0, Dublin, and Oslo, explaining what these technologies are and more importantly, how they can be used together to create and run workflow-based, service-oriented, and model-driven applications.

  • Martin Fowler on Oslo

    For many years Martin Fowler has been in the forefront of software engineering. He is often given credit for popularizing techniques such as refactoring and dependency injection. Lately he has been evangelizing domain specific languages, so of course Oslo piqued his interest.

  • Reporter's Notebook: What I learned from PDC

    The watch-word isn't "cloud computing" or "scalability", it's trust. For all the cool stuff surrounding Windows Azure, literally no one on the floor was talking about actually using it. Even for products that can be partially hosted in-house like Mesh people are saying "Cool, but I can never use it".

  • Presentation: An Introduction to M

    During PDC 2008, David Langworthy, Architect at Microsoft, and Don Box, Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, held a presentation about Oslo, focusing especially on the modeling language M, explaining what is and what is not, and also demonstrating using M to create a data model.

  • Oslo Unveiled

    As the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2008 draws near, Douglas Purdy, Don Box and others are dropping some information about Microsoft Oslo.

  • Oslo: Microsoft Gets it but Hurry !

    There has been few comments on Microsoft's Oslo announcement. In general they are positive but people are worried about the timeline and complexity of the project. Very few people commented on the in-the-cloud services that complement Oslo.

  • Oslo: Microsoft Takes Composite Applications to the Mainstream

    Microsoft unveiled this morning a vision and roadmap to simplify SOA, bridge software + services and take composite applications to the mainstream. The code name of this effort is “Oslo”.